Usman Garuba has established himself in Pablo Laso’s rotation and is increasingly playing a leading role in a Real Madrid that continues to dominate the Endesa League with an iron fist. The great jewel of the white quarry showed that it has long taken the measure of the domestic competition and signed against Joventut one of his best matches with the white jersey, just when his name rings out loud again in the orbit of the NBA.

Usman Garuba calls the top 15 of the NBA with his best game in the ACB

On the last day of the ACB the power forward signed a double-double of 14 points and 12 rebounds with which, in addition, equaled his best rating in the Endesa League, reaching 24 credits. To all this he added a +17 when he was on the court and the praises of his coach after the game: “He has had a great game not only because of his numbers, which obviously 14 points and 12 rebounds speak very well of him, but the defensive feeling, of control of the game, shooting when you have to shoot, passing when you have to pass, good defenses. In general, he has played a very complete game. “

Garuba keeps his plans to join the NBA draft, as do the players with a great projection of their age every year, whose registration period begins on May 30. A draft in which the forecasts right now place him between 14 and 18, although he still has time to continue climbing positions and peek into the top 15 that marks his particular frontier to pack his bags or stay in Madrid.

If he is chosen among the top 15 positions in the draft to be held on July 29 there would be a good chance that he would decide to make the jump to the NBA, since he would be entitled to a contract that would allow him to pay the termination clause to Madrid and fulfill his dream of playing in the best league in the world. Garuba would have room for maneuver to pay for his departure and make cash in the following two years, in which the amount of their payroll would progressively increase.

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