Arrive and succeed. The last ten days of Zaid Hearst have been absolutely crazy. He left the MBC Mykolaiv of the Ukrainian First Division, in a city very close to the Black Sea. He signed for HLA Alicante, a team that had suffered the unexpected loss of its scorer days before the closing of the transfer market. And he made his debut on Sunday at Pedro Ferrándiz after less than a week of training.

And Hearst spoke on the track. And he did it with 37 points and a series of 3 of 7 in triples, 9 of 14 in shots of two and 7 of 9 in free throws; he distributed 4 assists, captured 2 rebounds, recovered a ball and received 7 fouls, for a total of 37 PIR points. In addition, Gonzalo García de Vitoria’s men won a difficult match against a Palmer Alma Mediterránea on a roll.

Anecdotal section:

Hearst is a globetrotter who, after his time at university, has played in Italy, Hungary, France, Lithuania and Ukraine, although his first two years in Europe were in the LEB Oro, with Oviedo and Araberri. There he already gave signs of his quality with two MVPs in the 2016/17 season.

Of course, he had not signed such an outstanding performance as this Sunday, with 37 points scored, which are the top of the season equaling those achieved by Wesley van Beck on matchday 12.

The ideal quintet of the day:

Five players with different profiles for a quintet of tremendous quality. From the 21 years of Juani Marcos to the 37 of Marc Gasol. Two Americans, a Venezuelan, an Argentine and a Spaniard for a day 22 with extraordinary performances. The outside combo is made up of ICG Força Lleida point guard Juani Marcos and HLA Alicante MVP Zaid Hearst. Two players with enormous offensive talent.

And inside, the seriousness of three different but dominant players in the LEB Oro. Michael Carrera is going to number ‘three’ this week demonstrating his versatility; Sean McDonell enters the ‘four’ with his great performance in the victory of Unicaja Banco Oviedo; and Marc Gasol returns to the ideal center with another game playing with the triple-double (17+9+7)

Base: Juani Marcos (ICG Força Lleida) 17 val: 13 points (3/6 T2 and 2/8 T3), 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 recovery and 3 fouls received
Shooting guard: Zaid Hearst (HLA Alicante) 37 val: 37 points (9/14 T2 and 4/7 T3), 4 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 recovery and 7 fouls received
Eaves: Michael Carrera (ICG Força Lleida) 25 val: 18 points (7/13 T2 and 4/5 TL), 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 fouls received
Power forward: Sean McDonell (Unicaja B. Oviedo) 25 val: 15 points (6/8 T2 and 1/3 T3), 10 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 recoveries
Pivot: Marc Gasol (Bàsquet Girona) 29 val: 17 points (3/5 T2 and 8/11 TL), 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 8 fouls received

Season Stats – Zaid Hearst:
Games played: 1
Minutes: 34.31
Points: 37.0
Rebounds: 2.0
Assists: 4.0
Recoveries: 1.0
Plugs: 0.0
Fouls received: 7.0
Rating: 37.0

Sports career – Zaid Hearst:
Lower Cat.: Mount San Antonio College
2011/15: Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (NCAA – USA)
2015/16: Oviedo Financial Union (LEB Gold)
2016/17: Sáenz-Horeca Araberri (LEB Gold)
2017/18: NPC Rieti (Italy)
2018/19: BC Nevezis (Lithuania)
2019/20 Olympicque Antibes (France)
2020/21 Alba Fehervar (Hungary)
2022/22 MBC Mykolaiv (Ukraine) and HLA Alicante (LEB Gold)

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