International stars take responsibility (15-19)

With the same voltage as the first game ended, he started the second game of the finals of LF Endesa. The two teams exchanged the first mistakes as a result of that pressure, although, after 4-6, the international stars appeared, giving the match a much more fluid rhythm. A three-pointer by Karlie Samuelson made it 4-9, but Bec Allen (6-9) answered, thus giving way to the duel of forwards. It became Samuelson from the foul line to the Australian chained two actions to place their own ahead (13-11). He took over another of the international stars on which more eyes had placed in La Fonteta. Copper Kahleah scored two consecutive triples (13-17) and to the success despite Marie Gülich (15-17), Adaora Elonu scored on the horn (15 to 19).

A Kahleah Copper in MVP mode takes the Avenida to +16 (12-19)
After more than a minute and a half without scoring, Raquel Carrera unblocked the scoring of the second quarter with a last hoop (17-19) however, with points from Fasoula, Karlie Samuelson and Silvia Domínguez, the Azulón team managed a partial 2- 10 which was a new maximum (19-29). The zone proposed by Rubén Burgos served to cut the rival streak and with a three-pointer from Allen things were adjusted (22-29), however, the lack of success prevented the good moment from being translated into a comeback. The Avenida found a way to score in the free throws (22-31) and above all, saw how Kahleah Copper put the MVP mode and with five consecutive points raised the difference to +16 (22-38). Valencia reacted with a 2+1 from Trahan Davis and a basket from Allen, making it 27-38 at halftime.

Trahan Davis unleashes madness at La Fonteta (17-9)
With the intention of prolonging the good feelings at the end of the second round, Valencia Basket took to the court with clear intentions of forcing a comeback. It was a 9-1 run and she had a name of her own, Celeste Trahan Davis. The American midfielder Trahan Davis scored in every way and with the invaluable help of her teammates Allen and Ouviña, she put her team back in the game (36-39). It was Copper and Fasoula who interrupted La Fonteta’s party (36-43) but Leti Romero livened things up with a three-pointer as soon as he came off the bench (42-43). The period closed with a basket from Gülich (44-43) and points from Copper and Fasoula (44-47).

Perfumerías Avenida does not shrink from local pressure (18-20)
The beginning of the last assault was quite a show of character for Perfumerías Avenida. Karlie Samuelson took a valuable offensive foul and on the next play, he scored at the buzzer of 24 (44-49). A team azulón cost him hold off Davis Trahan (46-49), although, in one way or another, the visitors managed to score (46-52). The taronja team rowed with all their strength based on Allen’s triples 52-56, however, players like Maite Cazorla or Fasoula did not fail at the key moment (56-62). Valencia entered at the last minute with clear intentions of overturning the scoreboard when Ouviña achieved a 2+1 from Ouviña (62-65), but Leo Rodríguez sentenced from 4.75 (62-67).

J.1: Perfumerías Avenida vs. Valencia Basket (55-44) / 1-0) | MVP: K. Copper – 14 val.
J.2: Valencia Basket vs Perfumerías Avenida | (62-67) / 2-0 | MVP: K.Copper – 17 val.

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