Conference C begins this Saturday with three groups of 12 teams each. The first two classified and the two best third parties will get a place for the conference final, which will give the four places to the Final Phase of the EBA League.

Group C-1: Brisasol Salou doubles its bet

The Tarragona team already has a place in the final of the EBA Catalan League after having eliminated Monbus Igualada and Juventut de Badalona. The Brisasol Salou maintains the squad structure of last season, which were close to promotion and recover two differential players: Artur Alaminos (who returns from France) and Larry Ewulu, who arrives from Barberá.

Brisasol Salou will not have it easy in a group with some historical basketball players. Very close they will have Ibersol CB Tarragona, recently descended from LEB Plata and in which Berni Álvarez will reinvent himself with players like Orion Outerbridge, JJ Miguel or Gerard Estebanell. Other historical neighbors are the players of the CB Valls Óptiques Teixidó, reinforced to improve the results of the previous season.

It will also be interesting to see the evolution of the young talents of Casademont Zaragoza wearing the jersey of Embou El Olivar (Aday Mara or Lucas Langarita), or a FC Martinenc who has reached the semifinals of the Catalan League with players like Esteban Félez, Mauricio Cheda or Borja Pascual. The group is completed by teams of the stature of Plus Ultra Roser, Baricentro Barbera, BBA Castelldefels, UE Sant Cugat, Pajarraco Sese, the Balearic Islands of Pinta CB Es Castell or the ‘rookies’ of the Temple UE Horta.

Group C-2: Green-black talent in the face of the Catalan experience

Group C-2 does not start with a clear favorite, but with 12 interesting projects with ambitious goals. We start with the islands with the AEA Solidaria Llucmajor, that they will once again have players of the quality of Alberto Maura, Carlos Bustamante or Gabriel Serra2, who stayed close to promotion. From LEB Plata comes the Torrons Vicens L’Hospitalet, with regular players of higher categories such as Placide Nakidjim, Albert Real or Edgar San Epifanio.

Important names also in the AE Badalonese (Pedro Cuesta), CB Martorell (Albert Valle), or Igualada Mombus (Eduard Tejero), three teams that will fight to be at the top of the table. Two projects arrive from Aragon that are consolidating in the EBA League, such as the Hispanic Homeland Seguros Almozara by David Valero and the Alfindén CB scored by Álex Ruiz. And from Badalona the puppies of the Joventut de Badalona They can put anyone in trouble, with the talent of Conrad Martínez, Jordi Rodríguez, Iker Montero or Gerard Bosch.

And the group is completed by competitive teams such as Mataró Parc Boet Maresme, Maristes Ademar or the Tenea CB Esparreguera, which will seek to surprise the favorites.

Group C-3: Barça scares with talent and physique

The last group of Conference C leaves us two ambitious quarries such as those of the Barça and the Girona Basketball. The Blaugranas have impressed in the Catalan League after last season’s brilliant at LEB Plata. Adrià Rodríguez, Aaron Ganal, Michael Caicedo, Gael Bonilla, Martín Iglesias, Iñaki Ordoñez… many good future projects with Roger Esteller on the bench. Those of Girona will have a more humble but just as dangerous squad. The third quarry will be that of Palma Air Europa, with the island’s young talents progressing with highly competitive minutes.

They will have a lot of weight in the Group CB Vic University of Vic and the CB Quart Germans Cruz, two teams used to the upper zone of the EBA League. The former have rejuvenated the squad and will be reference Omaru Toure or Jordi Iglesias. The latter will be based on the talent of veterans such as Jordi Bataller, Xavier Costa or Pau Vila.

From the Balearic Islands it will be necessary to take into account Edbaser CB Andratx Group after the signing of Imanol Martínez, while from Aragon comes the Moncayo CBZ tiles scored by Toño Martín. The group is completed CB Santfeliuenc, UE Mataró, Sol Gironés Bisbal, Grupo Vía CB Artés and CB Navàs Viscola.

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