Conference E was the great winner of last season, with the promotions of Valencia BC, FC Cartagena CB and Safir Fruits Alginet. This season it reaches 24 teams, with three groups of eight teams looking for three places for the Final Phase

Grupo EA: El Norte seeks its place

The first of the Conference E groups has up to three teams from Castellón, in addition to five other Valencian teams. The Tau Castelló B It will continue to be the team in which to give minutes to the youngsters of the green quarry, with Manolo Hernando at the helm, and with some acquisitions of great value. The Inalco Alcora Caixa Rural will try to improve the results of the previous season while making his debut in the competition on Esportiu Bàsquet Vila-Real.

Two historic basketball squares will be represented in this group. The Refitel Basquet Lliria will continue to be one of the favorite teams, with players like Vicente Faubel, Godwin Osarenren or Víctor Pérez, the acquisitions of important pieces like Ximo Ródenas or José Sosa. And the Bauhaus Godella takes a step forward with the arrival of Luis Enrique Rodríguez from Benidorm.

NB Torrent, CB Puerto Sagunto and CB Tabernes Blanques complete the first of the E.

EB Group: Angels Vision UPB Gandía double bet

Of the eight teams of the EB Group, the good work in the offices of the Angels Vision UPB Gandía. With the arrival of Alejandro Mesa to the bench, the squad has been renewed with signings such as Andy López, Liam McGuirk and Javier Soler, which makes them one of the teams to beat.

But it will have difficult rivals, such as the neighbors of the CB Ifach Calpe, with a competition classic like Iker Benzazoua or the youth of Arnau Ivars, and the Servigroup Benidorm, with Fabio Astilleros and Didier Closset. He will also be fighting for the upper zone the NB Paterna Power Electronics Carlos Cerdán, who has signed great players such as Pedro Bustamante or Luis Paños. And it will always be competitive on Picken Claret of Iñigo de la Iglesia and the CB Alginet by Denis Tokaev.

Finally, the group is completed by Alpel Aldaia and the Swedish CB Fustes Bonet.

Grupo EC: Lots of potential in the South

The last of the groups is made up of five teams from Murcia and three from Valencia, with the Hozono Global Jairis as a reference after passing through the LEB Plata. Those from Alcantarilla have been reinvented with the arrival of important names such as those of Adrián Méndez or Khion Sankey, keeping some pieces such as Juan Ballesta and Javier Costa.

At its height we can place La Nucia Lucentum Foundation, who wants to repeat the good feelings of last season with the arrival of Robert Palomo or Aurelio Bonilla. Two historic squares are recovered with the arrival of the Sercomosa Molina Basket and Archena Health, while keeping the Organic Ager CB Begastri after last season’s experience.

The group is completed by the quarry of UCAM Murcia (in great evolution), the SCD Carolinas and CB Ilicitano Caja Rural Central, new in the category.

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