ANDhe Coosur Betis, led by Jerome Randle, won the final of fear by moving away from the relegation places by 82-96, against a Movistar Estudiantes who accused the pressure and was very failed in the outside launch.

The tension over the importance of the game, a real final, was present from the first second. The two coaches bet on Adams Sola in defense over James Feldeine and with Pablo Almazán on Aleksa Avramovic.

After the first moments of coupling, Betis began to take the initiative, before the nullity of the collegiate outdoor pitch, and especially after Jerome Randle entered the court.

The triple disappeared in the first quarter, with 0-5 for the locals and 1 of 4 for the Andalusians in the 11-18 with which the first period ended.

In the second act, the dominance of Betis continued, which came to have a 14-point advantage, 17-31 (min. 13.30), but that was until there. The return to the track of José Juan Barea and Ángel Delgado revitalized a Estudiantes who in the next three long minutes signed a partial 13-2, 30-33.

A 2 + 1 from Delgado tied the game at 35 with 105 seconds remaining, in which Betis minimally recovered sensations and went to the dressing rooms with an advantage, 35-40.

Estudiantes, a team that lives a lot from the triple, only scored 1 of the 12 attempts it threw, by 3 of 10 for Betis.

On the return to the track, Betis made it more focused, more solid, against a Estudiantes who again had problems in scoring and the Andalusians recovered a ten-point advantage, 41-51 (m.24.30).

The work of Youssou Ndoye under the hoops and the return of Randle put the Madrilenians back on the ropes, 44-57 (m.26.30), before the desperation of Jota Cuspinera who was trying to make his players react.

With agonizing triples from Barea, Nemanja Djurisic and Edgar Vicedo, Estudiantes at least kept the door of hope open and prevented Betis from definitively breaking the game. At the end of the third quarter, 50-61.

Students continued to bet on defense, but continued to fail in attack, while Betis, backed by the advantage on the scoreboard, was able to mitigate the nerves and give way to their basketball.

Vicedo with the triples, 4 of 7 at the end, was the only collegiate light in a game that escaped him. Betis won the final of fear 82-96.

Data sheet:

82 – Movistar Students (11 + 24 + 15 + 32): Barea (10), Avramovic (12), Solá, Brown (7) and Delgado (19) -starting five-, Roberson (2), Laksa (2), Vicedo (17), Djurisic (9) and Arteaga (4) .

96 – Coosur Betis (18 + 22 + 21 + 35): Kay (7), Campbell (6), Almazán (6), Feldeine (10) and Jordan (14) -starting five-, Spiers, Ndoye (12), Torres, Borg (6), Randle (27), Tisma ( 2) and Ouattara (6).

Referees: Juan C. García, Martín Caballero and Javier Torres. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-second day of the Endesa League played without an audience at the Palacio de Deportes (WiZink Center) in Madrid.

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