Much has been said over the last few days about the unstoppable upward trajectory of Covirán Granada, which has been able to sign four promotions in just ten seasons to be able to go from the First National Division to the long-awaited Endesa League.

A whole decade in which different factors have played in favor of a project that has had one of its best allies on its board of directors and one of the keys to the project on its bench. But neither the leadership of President Óscar Fernández, nor the slate of Pablo Pin, and not even the talent on the court of men like Lluis Costa have been as decisive in this time as an external agent that has been gaining prominence with the passing of the seasons.

We are talking about… The Covirán Granada monkey!

A small stuffed animal barely 20 centimeters tall that burst into the Pabellón Veleta ten years ago when the Nasrid team was experiencing its first season as a club in the First National Division.

Its carrier was none other than the team doctor, a Fermín Rodríguez who, given the complexity of the first steps of the entity, tried to make the locker room smile with an element, owned by his granddaughter until that moment, and which had an infectious laugh

An object that seemed to bear fruit by raising the morale of the squad and that became a symbol in a locker room that soon decked him out in a team kit and his own chair from which to follow the home games next to the bench .

In this way, “the monkey” became year after year the first renewal within a locker room in which each and every one of its players was concerned that they did not miss a single one of their matches, having turned it into a whole superstition for them.

And that even some of the most veteran men of the team -absent in that first campaign- came to recognize some doubts about their origins: “We are not entirely clear where it came from, but it has always been there and if it brings us good luck, it should not be missing.”

For this reason, that nameless teddy was also the first to move from the Pabellón Veleta to the Palacio de los Deportes without missing the opportunity to pose in each and every one of the champion photos, either with the different promotions conquered or with the titles LEB Silver Cup.

And so it came to the night of last Friday, April 13, the one in which Dr. Fermín Rodríguez sat down again on the Covirán Granada bench to live with his monkey, the most important game in its history. And, how could it be otherwise… This played the role of him to end up posing in the photo of the champions!

Do you already have an idea of ??what will be the first “renewal” of the Nasrid team for the assault on the Endesa League?

I dont have doubts…

PS: And by the way! If you are still wondering… No! The monkey did not travel to the Princess Cup Final played last April at the WiZink Center and where the Andalusians lost a Cup final for the first time.