If fate could guarantee the club president at this time that his team would end up achieving the ascent to Endesa League in the dispute of a third round on his fiefdom, he would surely give in return whatever was necessary to achieve it that way.

Because one of the few things that he has not been able to control Oscar Fernandez-Arenas throughout the last nine seasons has been the places in which his team has been reaping the different promotions with which to climb from the National First Division until the LEB Gold League.

Three promotions at home and that led to the fans of the Covirán Granada to road to celebrate each one of them with their team. All of them with a progressive increase in kilometers as they climbed steps and with an average of 437km of distance per ascent. And always accompanied by that certain uncertainty in which, however, it always came out expensive for their interests.

A story that could be repeated this Thursday with the last step of the national ladder, a promotion to the Endesa League that could come home again and as long as the Andalusian team is able to beat 950 kilometers of home.

Without a doubt what would be the farthest ascent of its history, but also the most valuable of an entity that would thus complete a magic poker on the road and to the detriment of a home where they have only been able to celebrate their two cup titles.

2012/13: A logical step just a few miles from home

It was the first year of life of a club created with great feeling and in which each and every one of its players decided to pitch in so that the project would soon bear the desired results. To such an extent that, just a few months after its creation, Covirán Granada achieved its first great memory as a club on the parquet of the Municipal Pavilion of Baza. An installation located a hundred kilometers from the Palacio de los Deportes and in which the team could feel the warmth of its people to lay the foundations of the solid project. A promotion from Primera Nacional to Liga EBA with which to give a new dimension to the club.

2014/15: The beginning of the road, in the Final Phase of Albacete

Just two years later, Pablo Pin’s men once again demonstrated on the floor that the category they were in was smaller than their ambition as a club. For this reason, the Nasrid team traveled with all the possible illusion the 380 kilometers between the Palacio de los Deportes de Granada and the city of Albacete where they played a final phase of excellent memory for the entity. Because there came the second promotion of the club and, with it, the leap to LEB leagues in which to regain its ambition for growth throughout the country.

2017/18: The key to gold was in Pamplona

Once the logical process of adaptation to the category was overcome, in which, as if that were not enough, the club won two titles as Cup champion, Covirán Granada was able to finish the 2017/18 season in the best possible way. Because Pablo Pin’s team was proclaimed champion of the LEB Silver League two days before the end of the Regular League, which meant their direct promotion to the LEB Gold League. A promotion that, how could it be otherwise, arrived in the Far away Pamplona, ??which did not prevent the club from being accompanied by its fans despite the 830-kilometer distance from the Nasrid capital.

2020/21: Will history repeat itself on the Pazo court?

It will be on the night of this Thursday when Covirán Granada has the first of its two opportunities to be able to add a new promotion to its sports record. A day that, for the superstitious, has a certain number of similarities with respect to the three previous ascents since the Nasrid will opt for the promotion away from home and, as on previous occasions, increasing the number of kilometers. A mere fact for curiosity and statistics and that will be put aside when the referees throw the ball into the air and the hardness of the shock is imposed on any type of data. Of course, the end of the night will clear if the history of Covirán continues on the same path or if, on the contrary, Pablo Pin’s men can opt for promotion next Sunday before their public for the first time in their history.