The Coviran Granada has taken a triumphant walk culminating in a mass swim from the balcony of the Granada City Hall before a crowd that packed the Plaza del Carmen with red shirts and a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. In this way, the red and black team celebrated the promotion achieved on Friday to the ACB league after the victory signed against CB Almansa with Afanion.

The club, chaired by Óscar Fernández-Arenas, arrived at Granada City Hall in an open-top bus escorted by the local police and traveled through the streets of the city to Plaza del Carmen. Both the players and the coaching staff headed by Pablo Pin went up to the balcony of the Granada City Hall to pass each one by the microphone that he had installed and declare a few words to the public gathered there.

The event was presided over by the mayor of the city, Francisco Cuenca, and the Secretary General of Coviran, José Francisco Muñoz, who also stood in front of the microphone and received applause from a tireless crowd that celebrated a historic milestone with their players for Granada basketball.