The Coviran Granada players have already chosen the numbers that will be worn in the two kits that the club presented at the Mirador de San Nicolás and that will walk through all the LEB Oro pavilions. The lowest, like last season, will be the by Thomas Bropleh. The forward will once again wear the 3. For his part, the highest will be the 50 of Jacobo Díaz, the same number that he has worn in his previous teams.

In addition, Petit Niang inherits the 7 from Alejandro Bortolussi and Pere Tomàs will wear a number that has followed him throughout his career: the 19. The other modification compared to last season is played by Edu Gatell. The pivot took advantage of Gonzalo Bressan’s departure to regain number 12.

3- Thomas Bropleh: “The 3 represents my city (Denver). Its code is 303, so I play in honor of the city that has made me the person I am today ”.

7- Petit Niang: “I took him from Savané because when I arrived in Gran Canaria he was my reference and he is someone who helps me a lot today.”

10- Germán Martínez: “I don’t have a specific reason to wear 10. At the quarry I was always jumping from number to number until I was left with 9, but I was occupied in LEB Plata by Iván Martínez and I stayed at 10.”

12- Edu Gatell: “I’m wearing 12 because it’s the day I started going out with my girlfriend and her favorite number.”

14- Christian Díaz: “I wear it for my sister. She started playing basketball with that number and I took it for that. “

15- Lluís Costa: “It was my first number and I have kept it ever since. I started with 15 because my father and sister wore it ”.

17- Joan Pardina: “I like 11 and 7, but when I arrived in Granada neither of them was available and I have already stayed with 17”.

19- Pere Tomàs: “I had always led the 5 in lower categories, but when I got to the Penya first team, Rudy had it. The first one they told me there was free was the 19th, I chose it and from there I have grown fond of it ”.

21- David Iriarte: “My favorite number is 12, but the first year I arrived here it was occupied by Devin and I chose 21. I wore it in Zornotza and I have always liked it”.

25- Ricardo Revelles: “They gave me the choice from 25 to 28 and since the last two years I have worn 25 I was excited to have him at Coviran Granada. In the First National team I wear 9 because he is one of the ones I like the most, since Ricky Rubio is one of my favorite players ”.

26- Ricardo Martín: “The 26th is the one that the club gave me for Coviran Granada. In the junior team I have chosen 14 because it is the one I have always had since I have been at the CB Granada Foundation ”.

27- Antonio Moreno: “I chose the 27th at the Coviran Granada because it is my father’s birthday. In First National I wear 12 and in junior 23 for Michael Jordan, but I never had it ”.

28- Ángel Corpas: “Last year I had a good experience with 28 and this year I have decided to repeat. In the Primera Nacional team he has the number 7 because he is my favorite “

34- James Ellisor: “I have been wearing it since school and I have kept it because it has given me good luck during all these years. The main reason is that Ray Allen is one of my favorite players and he wore it early in his career. I really liked watching him play and I appreciated him as a player and as a person ”.

50- Jacobo Díaz: “I wear 50 because when I went to the United States they were busy on 4 and 12, which were my favorites, and they gave me 50”.