The CB Granada Foundation makes mid-season tickets available to its fans. All the sectors into which the Palacio de Deportes is divided will have a 50% discount with respect to the initial price at the beginning of the season. The card will include the eight games that Coviran Granada will play at the Zaidín venue during the second round. Management can only be done at the club’s office, located on Avenida Salvador Allende.

In addition, the red and black fans who already acquire the card will enjoy two more matches, since they will be able to witness live the confrontations against TAU ??Castelló and Cáceres World Heritage Site, corresponding to the first round of the competition.

The price of level 1 of the Sports Palace will range between 130 euros for the central sector and 65 for the funds. In addition, on the side the subscription will cost 92 euros and on the corner 80. On the other hand, the price of level 2 will be 75 euros and at the bottom of level 3 of 50.