A whole decade has passed since the city of Granada played its last minutes in an Endesa League to which the Breogán River appeared again two years ago after 12 seasons fighting to return from the LEB Gold League.

A recent past in which both cities have done nothing more than demonstrate to national basketball that in their municipal limits they breathe basketball on all four sides and in which the names of Granada and Lugo have not stopped sounding strongly like that of two of the main candidates for promotion.

In the case of the people of Lugo, as a moral obligation in each of their annual projects and, in the case of the Nasrid, as a desire for the future for which they will fight this weekend thanks to the team’s successful season.

Covirán Granada, a desire promoted by the heart:

They reside in one of those towns where basketball is almost a religion and where historical moments of our sport have been lived over the last decades. But if the city of Granada has stood out for something in recent years, it is for its ability to be reborn from its own ashes.

Because the fall into hell of basketball after the disappearance of the previous project – back in 2012 – was a new opportunity to start over. A new path led by the excellent management of Óscar Fernández Arenas when building a project based on the solid pillars that the quarry, the fans and the feeling of the land suppose and with which it keeps Granada at the doors of the return to the elite.

A CB Granada Foundation full of virtues off the track and that, if that were not enough, has been able to accompany each of those steps with the sports support that only one man could give the team. A Pablo Pin owner of the bench since the beginning of the project in Primera Nacional and who has been the main sporting culprit of everything that happened.

A coach who has been all passionate about his city team, leading three promotions from that first stage in the most amateurish, to the LEB Gold League, which they reached by adding two titles as champion of the LEB Silver Cup along the way.

More than enough guarantees when it comes to demonstrating the sporting ambition of a dressing room that this year signed the best season in its history, with a block full of national players and that finished the Regular League in first position. A privilege when it comes to being able to face some Playoffs with field advantage and in which they have walked with a firm step until they can reach a Final in which no limits are set.

Because, despite the toughness and the entity of the rival, in Covirán Granada there is much to gain and very little to lose …

Río Breogán, the moral obligation of six decades of history:

Talking about CB Breogán in national basketball are major words given the important historical background that an entity has that is walking unstoppably towards its 60th anniversary and that knows very well what it means to compete for years among the best.

A club that is part of the Heritage of a city given to the celestial set and that will try to emulate during the next week the steps taken in recent years in which the club has been more than a social and sports reference. Because in Lugo they know very well what it means to be promoted to an Endesa League that they recovered three years ago at the hands of Natxo Lezkano and that escaped after a return season plagued with setbacks.

For this reason, the Galician team hopes to now be able to complete a return with which to reward all the work done in this time and with which to rebuild on the foundations of recent experience. All this to be able to entertain its great social mass with an elite that compensates the year of sacrifice in which they have not been able to be present in the stands.

To do this, the Breogán River must exhibit in this last step that character that usually accompanies the team on great occasions and that has led Diego Epifanio’s men to lift the title as champions of the Princess of Asturias Cup this year.

Therefore, a whole opportunity at the time of being able to sign the double in the category and that, above all, will put on your table the possibility of returning to a place that by history belongs to them.

Because Lugo has been, is and will be a basketball city.