The coronavirus is severely punishing the Endesa League. so much that day 16, which was to be played between Sunday and Monday, has had to be postponed in its entirety by registering positive in a large number of teams. Have also been postponed the two games that were going to be played this Tuesday and that had already been suspended in their day: Barça-BAXI Manresa and Joventut-Real Madrid. The blaugrana and black-and-green outbreaks made their dispute impossible.

Now, in a calendar that is already crowded, we must try to make room for all those postponed and the dance of dates. The clubs will have to have the ability to maneuver to adapt and the fans will have to make a great effort to find out which day each match corresponds to. There will be solutions as imaginative as they are complicated.

For example, taking advantage of the fact that Tuesday’s matches have also been postponed, BAXI Manresa and Real Madrid will advance their Matchday 17 match to that day, which was originally going to be played on Sunday, January 9. The Manresans and the Madridistas, after overcoming their respective outbreaks of COVID-19 and have the necessary troops to play, will be measured at 9:00 p.m..

From Tuesday to Sunday

While, the two postponed from Tuesday, Barça-BAXI Manresa and Joventut-Real Madrid, corresponding to days 14 and 15 respectively, will be played on Sunday, January 9 provided that both the azulgranas and the vernegros have seen the situation regarding the coronavirus improve in their locker rooms. The first of these matches will be played at 5:00 p.m. and the second at 7:15 p.m.

The ACB works to relocate the rest of the postponed meetings and in the next few days will announce the new dates.