ANDhe Baxi Manresa took a heart attack game against Lenovo Tenerife this Saturday after a basket on the horn of point guard Dani Pérez in extra time (95-93).

The Manresa were ahead on the scoreboard for a good part of the match, but the Tenerifeans forced extra time after a great last quarter.

The local team started with a lot of rhythm and led by Chima Moneke (9 points in the first quarter) started by opening a first distance (9-3 min 4). The Tenerifeans cut differences as they moved the bench. So much so, that the visiting team managed to finish the fourth ahead with a partial of 8-16.

At the beginning of the second quarter the defenses prevailed over the attacks. The game continued to be played at a high rate but with more mistakes than successes.

The match remained even, with a slight advantage for the visitors (23-25 ??min 15). Baxi Manresa managed to cancel Tenerife’s static attack and regained command of the game before the break with a 12-4 run in the last five minutes.

The third quarter began with an exchange of baskets and a lot of success on the part of the two teams. Baxi Manresa took advantage of their good percentages from outside to stay ahead on the scoreboard, while Tenerife remained in tow, punishing the local defensive balance (53-43 min 25).

The visiting team was not able to stop the local rhythm which was becoming looser in the game.

The Canaries went into the last quarter with a 2-8 run and came within just two points of Baxi Manresa (67-65 min 33). The game entered a phase of maximum equality in the last minutes.

With the score of 73-73, Thomasson put the home team ahead one second from the end (81-79). With half a second, Dani Pérez fouled Sasu Salin who was shooting from three points. The Finn scored just two free throws and commanded the game in extra time.

The extra time passed with the exchange of baskets. No team was capable of achieving an income of more than two points. Moneke scored a layup with 26 seconds to go to put the hosts ahead (93-91). But Huertas tied the game after scoring two free throws. Then point guard Dani Pérez dressed as a hero to score the decisive basket on the horn.

Data sheet:

95. BAXI MANRESA (17 + 18 + 29 + 17 + 14) Dani Pérez (16), Thomasson (19), Jou (11) Moneke (22) Sima (4) -Five starting- Francisco (-) Rafa Martínez (1), Dani Garcia (7), Maye (7), Valtonen ( -,) and Bako (8).

93. LENOVO TENERIFE (19 + 10 + 27 + 25 + 12) Fitipaldo (16), Salin (7), Doonerkamp (3), Wiltjer (13) Shermadini (2) -starting five- Huertas (13) Sergio Rodriguez (2), Sastre (4), Borg (2,) Sulejmanovic (11 ) and War (20).

Referees: Antonio Conde, Martín Caballero and Roberto Lucas. Without eliminated

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 12 of the Endesa League played at the Nou Congost pavilion before 4,500 fans.