Daniel Astilleros will not continue in the UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto. After six seasons at the Blanquivioleta Club, all since its foundation, in addition to training in the lower categories of the Valladolid team, the local forward has decided to face new professional challenges away from Pisuerga.

Pucela’s ’14’, one of the team’s captains and a benchmark both on and off the pitch, has played a total of 161 official matches with Real Valladolid Baloncesto: 64 in LEB Plata in the Club’s first two seasons and 97 in LEB Oro, of which 90 correspond to league matches and seven to playoff qualifiers.

Only behind Sergio de la Fuente, Daniel Astilleros is the second player with the most games in the history of the Blanquivioleta team. Likewise, the Valladolid forward is also the example of a local player who goes through all the Club categories until reaching the elite and staying in it for many seasons.

Beyond the sporting level, Daniel Astilleros, if that were not enough, championed the values ??that Real Valladolid Baloncesto carries and, throughout his career, he has always been an example of professionalism and commitment on and off the court. The ’14’ from Pucelano, always ready to collaborate in all possible social causes, to attend and represent the fans and to give everything on the floor, leaves Pisuerga, establishing himself as a true icon and a history of basketball from Valladolid. For this reason, the Blanquivioleta Club wants to publicly thank him for his dedication during the six seasons that he has defended this shield and wish him what the local player deserves: the best of luck in his professional and personal future.

A ‘see you later’ and not a goodbye

After six seasons and a lifetime in Pisuerga, Dani Astilleros has said goodbye to the Club, his club, with good words and making it clear that this is not a goodbye. “I want to show my gratitude to my family, partner and friends for the support they have given me both in good times and in bad, since they are a fundamental pillar for me. I also thank the Club for the opportunity and the trust they have placed in me; to Mike, Saúl, the entire Board of Directors, and all the Club workers, from the first to the last and going through Teo ”.

“Also my thanks to Pepe Catalina, the architect of all this, who works in the shadows but is always there when you need him. Thanks to all the coaches who have helped me grow as a player. Finally, I want to thank again the Club and Roberto González, who trusted me for the upcoming project. It has not been easy to make this decision because my heart asked me to stay in the Club of my life, but my head needs a change to regain sensations and continue growing in another setting. Wherever I go I will always be one more squirrel and I am clear that this is a ‘see you later’. Thank you from the heart, Valladolid ”, says goodbye Daniel Astilleros.

Excited and with a heartfelt message, President Mike Hansen has valued the non-continuity of the Blanquivioleta ’14’. “The departure of Dani Astilleros is a practically irreplaceable loss. He has been with us since the beginning of the Club and is a very important bastion of our philosophy. As president and friend we have had a lot of treatment and I know that he has gone through hard times, but he has always reacted and that shows character, heart and pride, which is what he has always left on the field. If a series of things define him as a player, it is that claw, fight and dedication, which are the values ??on which this entity has been built. It is a tremendous loss and I wish him well. We will miss him, it is not an easy day for me or for the rest of the Club, but this will always be his home and he will be able to return whenever he wants ”.