Darel Poirier (pivot, 2.08m., 1997) arrives at Movistar Estudiantes to shore up the inside game of the LEB Oro project. The French post played last season in the Greek and French leagues, the latter with Le Mans Sarthe Basket.

He is an athletic player, with the ability to play over the rim and defend, but also has a good medium and long distance hand. In the 14 games played this past season at Le Mans, he shot 3 with an accuracy of close to 40%.

Trained in the Cholet Basket quarry, Darel Poirier spent two seasons in the French Federation team (INSEP) in the country’s First National, also playing the ANGT of the junior Euroleague. Later, he returned to Cholet for two years, playing most of the games with the club’s promising team, to be loaned in 2017-18 to Charleville-Méz.

In 2018-19 he crossed the pond in the direction of the G-League. Good records, despite his youth (21 years), with both Capital City Go-Go and Windy City Bulls.

This 2020-21, he began in Greece, with Messolonghi Baxi, averaging 10.1 points and 6.3 rebounds in the 7 games he played. He finished the season in France, with Le Mans Sarthe Basket, with 7.3 points and 2.5 rebounds per game, playing in the French league playoff.

With Poirier, there are already 11 players confirmed by Movistar Estudiantes for the 2021-22 season. You can check all the movements here.

“It’s the opportunity I’ve been waiting for” First impressions after your signing for Movistar Estudiantes.

I am honored to be part of the project to move up. I am very confident in my abilities to help my teammates and the club in the short term. I have a mission: to help the club have as many victories as possible to achieve promotion. I really want to feel the energy around the Movistar Estudiantes family.

When my agent told me that Estudiantes loved me, I had to sit down and take a deep breath. It’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

This last year has been difficult for everyone. How do you feel now, after last season?
The situation with COVID has been tough, of course. Many people have suffered and continue to suffer. It was also difficult for me to be confined and not give the fans enjoyment through the matches. I know that through sports bring smiles and happiness for a while. That is my goal with the faithful fans of Estudiantes.

This will be your first season in Spain, what are you waiting for?
I look forward to a great basketball brand. Spanish basketball has a very rich culture and it can help me a lot to improve as a professional. I also hope to speak fluent Spanish soon.

What do you know about Movistar Estudiantes and the LEB Oro league?
Movistar Estudiantes is a well-known club, especially for being from Madrid. I have seen several former Estu players, like Hernangómez, when I have played in the United States.
Since they were in contact with me last season, I paid attention to the team, knowing that it could be a possibility. Regarding the LEB Gold League, it seems undervalued to me. There are many talented players.

You are 24 years old, but you have already played in the United States, Greece and France. How can these experiences help you?
I have seen different countries that give me different lessons on all aspects of the game. I am ready to get to know Spanish basketball and demonstrate my skills to bring energy to the team.

“He is a young man eager to take a step forward” Movistar Estudiantes Sports Manager, Pancho Jasen, analyzes the signing of Darel Poirier:

«He is a player who is going to give us that athleticism that we were looking for. A player who plays above the basket and who has excellent conditions to be able to run the court and move. He will give us the pick and roll in the falls, he knows how to do it very well, generating possibilities for him and his open teammates, because he will make the defenses close.

He is a slightly different player from the normal ‘5’, because he can threaten his launch. It will be uncomfortable for teams to defend a player from those conditions. Defensively he is very good, being able to defend a 5, a 4 or a 3 by making changes, because he has very good laterality and moves very well on the court.

He is a young boy, eager to take that step forward and who is very excited to be part of the club. We bet that he can be that player who explodes and is very important on the pitch. “