He began the season as the most experienced coach in the entire LEB Plata League and ended it just as he had wanted in recent years, with a promotion that will lead him to debut in the LEB Oro League with Grupo Alega Cantabria. Because David Mangas’ experience in the category has been decisive in leading his team to the conquest of the LEB Gold League.


When the Grupo Alega Cantabria began to shape its most ambitious project last summer, there was no doubt about what the axis around which everything related to the sports field should revolve.

Because since his arrival at the entity in a distant 2018, David Mangas had been able to captivate the board, players, employees and fans with a work model in which the commitment of all his pieces was going to be the starting point.

A true club man who began the season with longevity as a guarantee and with the priority objective of being able to achieve a promotion that was so longed for personally, as well as desired in the collective plane of the city.

And it is that, after almost two decades, being able to dream that Torrelavega could return to the LEB Gold League made the simple fact of trying it worthwhile.

Of course, for this they were going to have to overcome a long journey in which the Torrelaveguense village was going to play a role as fundamental as that of their particular druid, a technician who came from Avila to be able to rewrite history together.

A true club man with tradition in the competition:

He had started the season as the longest-serving coach of the 24 who were going to make up the LEB Plata League and he did so with no more and no less than 13 uninterrupted seasons behind him. A time in which Mangas has only been on the payroll of three different clubs for a total of nine consecutive years as head coach, specifically since he took over from Armando Gómez at Óbila in his hometown. Since then, almost 300 games behind him in which the fight for titles has not been lacking both in Avila and Cantabrian lands.

The best numbers of his career, on the banks of the Besaya:

With a winning percentage of over 50% throughout all these years, the 2021/22 campaign will be remembered by David Mangas as the one in which he achieved his best figures as a coach. Because of the hand of this Group Alleges Cantabria, the coach has managed to sign the best percentage of victories of his career (75%) in a year in which he has sealed in parallel his lowest number of defeats with just 7 games lost. And it is that since his arrival in the capital of the Besaya River, Mangas has been able to increase his success rate by 25% in each meeting, thus guaranteeing the growth of the project.

Teaming up with Mirza Bulic for a two-way promotion:

Although if Mangas has stood out for something over the years, it has been for exercising, from the most absolute humility, as one of the main entertainers of the LEB Plata League. Because long before having ambitious projects like the one proposed this year by the Alega Cantabria Group, Mangas was able to lead a modest Carrefour El Bulevar de Ávila to the Cup and LEB Plata League finals in the 2015/16 campaign. .

A double success against the odds and that ended with the defeat of his team in the final for promotion to the LEB Oro against Sáenz-Horeca Araberri in which a young forward named Mirza Bulic played, among others.

A player who, six years later, was going to end up becoming the link that unites that sweet past with a promising future that will take them both back to the LEB Oro League in Torrelavega.

For this reason, nobody better than today’s four of Bosnian origin to explain the impact of the coach on his squad: “David Mangas is one of those coaches whom we players take a lot of affection for because he always cares that we are all happy. Whether in training or in games, he cares that we all feel good and that makes the relationship we have with him great. It has been a pleasure working with him this season and we hope that the work can continue next season already in the LEB Oro League” (see interview).

And all this, with the solid support of the fans:

Quino Salvo, Dani García, Moncho Monsalve, Sergio Santos Hernández… There had been many prestigious coaches who throughout history had defended the local bench of a Vicente Trueba Pavilion accustomed to tactical finesse.

A place where he has been able to fully become a David Mangas who has been putting the public in his pocket through his commitment to the project and his feeling for a city that has welcomed him as one of its own.

The best proof of this, the banner with which the Peña Aldeanos recognized their work in a League Final in which they supported their coach under the motto “Always with you”. An alliance that will take a new step forward next season in a LEB Gold that will be a new challenge in his career.

The passage of David Mangas through the LEB Silver League

DAVID SLEEVES 2014 – 2022
Season Team Matches Balance % Vict.
2021/22 Allega Cantabria Group 28 21 – 7 75%
2020/21 Allega Cantabria Group 32 23 – 9 72%
2019/20 Cantabria Equalizer 25 13 – 12 52%
2018/19 Cantabria Equalizer 3. 4 15 – 19 44%
2017/18 Basket Navarre 35 17 – 18 49%
2016/17 Carrefour Avila Boulevard 3. 4 18 – 16 53%
2015/16 Carrefour Avila Boulevard 37 20 – 17 63%
2014/15 Eulen Carrefour Avila Group 30 15 – 15 fifty %
2013/14 Eulen Carrefour Avila Group 27 14 – 13 52%

282 156 – 126 55%

sports career
-David Sleeves:

Inferior categories: CD Obila Basketball Club
2005/06: Carrefour El Bulevar Ávila (EBA League) – Delegate
2006/07: Carrefour El Bulevar Ávila (EBA League) – Ent. Assistant
2007/09: Matchmind Carrefour Ávila (LEB Bronze) – Ent. Assistant

2009/13: Fontedoso Carrefour Ávila (LEB Silver) – Ent. Assistant
2013/17: Carrefour El Bulevar Ávila (LEB Silver)
2017/18: Basket Navarra (LEB Silver)
2018/22: Allega Cantabria Group (LEB Silver)

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