ANDl UCAM Murcia won an important victory in Madrid at the Students by 75-85, thanks to his dominance on the rebound, which allows him to look up the rankings, while the schoolboys look down.

UCAM Murcia with a Augusto Lima very plugged on the rebound and in attack he dominated the game from the first minute, although unable to maintain a constant rhythm and enduring the shoves of JJ Barea and Aleksa Avramovic in attack.

That was the main collegiate problem, the lack of diversification in points and also the rebound, which the Murcian team clearly dominated -7-14 at the end of the first act-, so the score was always away, 18-25 at end of the first ten minutes, with Isaiah Taylor hyperactive and outstanding.

In the second quarter, with the rotations, Estudiantes found John Robertson in the touchdown, but could not maintain continuity in their actions, neither in defense nor in attack, while UCAM, with Emanuel Cate, took control of the hoops and the team settled on the track and in the lead.


75 – Movistar Students (18 + 15 + 23 + 19): JJ Barea (8), Avramovic (16), Vicedo (7), Brown (10) and Delgado (5) -starting five-, Djurisic (2), Jackson (8), Sola, Arteaga (11) and Roberson (8 ).

85 – UCAM Murcia (25 + 20 + 24 + 16): Davis (19), Webb (11), Taylor (17), Lima (6) and Rojas (4) -starting five-, Bellas (8), Radovic (8), Cate (10) and Strawberry (2).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Vicente Bultó and Joaquín García. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Corresponding match of the twenty-ninth day of the Endesa League played at the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid (WiZink Center). No audience.

Students did not find the rhythm, did not feel comfortable at any time and lost the rebound 19-25 in the first half that ended with a 33-45 for the Mediterranean. Between Barea, Robertson and Avramovic they got 27 of the 33 points of the schoolboys.

The locals came out more activated in the continuation, but although they tried to make the rubber on the scoreboard, 41-51 (min.22.45), the individualism in some actions of Barea and Avramovic weighed them downWhile Taylor remained very plugged in and Jordan Davis joined the cause.

Taylor’s fourth foul with 43-57 on the scoreboard (m.24.20) could have been a problem for UCAM, but already settled in the game the Murcian team shot with rebound, defense and quality to continue sending clearly in the marker, with a Davis who assumed the responsibility of supplying his partner.

Students with some triples managed to keep the flame of hope burning, but James Webb made it difficult with his points and the third act ended with 56-69.

In the last quarter, the locals tried to rush their options, but Murcia’s rebounding dominance continued, Tomas Bellas appeared from the triple (61-77, m.33) and the good schoolboy feelings continued without appearing.

The Madrilenians did not manage to lower the disadvantage below ten points and time became their worst enemy, losing many balls due to precipitation until the final 75-85.

UCAM Murcia looks up and Movistar Estudiantes looks down.

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