Lfans of Real Madridafter attending perplexed five losses in a row of his team in the league WiZink Center, They were finally able to enjoy Sunday’s aperitif in peace as they left the pavilion. They did not do it since January 16, when they beat Zaragoza at home. The Whites defeated the Fuenlabrada (92-77)who fulfilled the role of scapegoat -he has already accumulated 12 consecutive defeats against his neighbor- and they broke that rude streak.


those of lasso They couldn’t afford another stumble before their audience and they took pains from the beginning not to leave any loopholes to that possibility. Who put more effort was Deck, which ended with a double-double (16+10) and breathed into his team the energy that he so demanded with his best version, that of before going to the NBA.

Heurtel finally reappears and Tavares commands

Along with the Argentine, brilliant in the first part, special mention for Heurtelwho after being missing for several games, finally showed signs of life in attack (21+4+6). Outstanding in the last quarter and in the second, where his best partner was Poorer (8+7). He ruled the third act with an iron fist Tavares with 10 points and three rebounds (he finished with 14+8). and in the last Heurtel and Yabusele (14+2+4) they deactivated the fuenlabreño reaction attempt (77-66, min 37).


But it was Deck who capitalized on the whites’ first run with six points (11-2, min 3) before a Fuenlabrada who came out to see them coming. Raventos He asked for more defense from his team, who wised up behind and got into the game with triples from Alexander and Cheatham (13-14, min 6). But he revived Heurtel he scored another two to return the initiative to his own (22-18, min 10).

Poirier dominates in the second quarter

In the second act, Madrid consolidated its dominance thanks to Poiriervery active after replacing a Tavares that for the umpteenth time he was soon loaded with fouls. The Frenchman was well supported by Heurtel and a Deck unleashed to go to rest with his maximum income (45-31) despite not scoring not even a triple in this second set 0/5).


The Fuenlabrada barely survived on the contribution of Mendl, Ristic and Cheathambut he missed the drought a lot Emeganothe second highest scorer in the League (16.6), who went into the break with two free throws and 0/5 shotsand the low production of Alexander. The Fuenla only gave four assists in two quartersan eloquent fact being one of the best passing teams in the ACB. His 8/25 shooting can explain it.


In the resumption the triples of Yabusele consolidated the white advantage and the irruption of a Tavares enormous, to which finally his companions (especially lull) crammed with balls, marked the definitive takeoff of the madridistas (67-46, min 30). the resurrection of Omegan (10 points in that quarter) did not prevent the collapse of his team. Then the whites relaxed and their rival, in a last commendable effort, made up the score (77-66, min 37). But Yabusele and Heurtel appeared to wake them from an impossible dream (92-77).

Data sheet:

92-Real Madrid (22+23+22+25): Williams-Goss (4), Hanga (5), Deck (16), Tavares (14) and Yabusele (14) -five starting-, Causeur (2), Núñez, Heurtel (21), Rudy Fernández (2), Poirier (8), Llull and Taylor (6).

77 – Urbas Fuenlabrada (18+13+17+28): Emegano (16), Samar (6), Alexander (3), Meindl (18) and Cheatham (14) -five starting-, Zheng (3), Macoha (1), Ristic (12), López, Novak, Milosavljevic ( 4) and Bagayoko.

Referees: Óscar Perea, Jorge Martínez and David Sánchez. Kwan Cheatham was eliminated by five personal (m.38).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-sixth day of the Endesa League played at the Palacio de Deportes (WiZink Center) in Madrid before some 4,500 spectators.

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