The forward from Madrid has left constant signs of his charisma and commitment, in addition to averaging 8.8 points and 10.1 rebounds per game for a rating of 15.8.


Diego Alderete Díaz (Madrid, 2000) will add his second consecutive season in Hestia Menorca. The charisma, commitment and solvency of the forward from Madrid, who has averaged 8.8 points and 10.1 rebounds per game in his first season with the team, have endorsed his renewal, as highlighted by Javier Zamora.

“Diego is a fundamental pillar for the project, for the team and for me personally as a coach. I think he is a player with a very special charisma and personality, he is a leader and a player who wastes effort. Ultimately, he embodies all those things that a coach wants from a player. I am very happy that his renewal has been completed and that we can share a new experience and a new season together. And I hope there will be many more because he is very important to me at all levels and it is a luxury to be able to count on him”, maintains the Club’s coach and sports director.

For his part, the player has also made a very positive assessment of continuing to play at Hestia Menorca for another season. “I am very happy with the renewal, for spending another year on the Island and in Bintaufa with all of you. If last year has been good and I have been comfortable with you, the next one will be better. We promise you, It will be better. Thank you very much for your trust and your support”, emphasized Diego Alderete, whose renewal is the second signed by the Club after Pablo González Longarela.

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