PA few more perfect (and enjoyable) matches is going to meet Carles Durán in his career as the one who lived with him Joventut against Baxi Manresa (105-61 for the green and black) and in which he was able to distribute minutes among all his players and give prominence to the youngest as is the case of the Hungarian Zsombor Maronka.

The young green-black promise (2.08 and 19 years) signed his best match in the Endesa League. Maronka put the audience in his pocket with high-quality minutes and ended the match with 12 points and a four of four on shots of two demonstrating a lethal wrist.

This forward arrived at the green-black quarry as a first-year cadet, coming from SZEDEÁK Szeged from your country. And from the beginning he demonstrated his talent and quality with an offensive and shameless basketball in which his greatest obsession was to pierce the rival hoop.

With great ball control and a gifted physiqueMaronka soon made a name for himself among the great projects of the green-black team and at just 18 years old he went to LEB silver with CB Prat before returning to Joventut, with whom he debuted in ACB last season.

With the face of a child and a deadly doll, this “killer” has very good percentages in medium and long distance shots And defensively, he stands out for being an intuitive, intelligent and incisive player, which has led him to be one of the favorites among those attending the Olímpico de Badalona.