Dzanan Musa (Breogan River) is the Movistar MVP of the Endesa League 2021-22 by obtaining the highest possible score (100 points) in the vote between players and coaches of the clubs in the competition, in addition to also leading the fan and media votes.

A unanimous acknowledgment of a brilliant season, in which in addition to taking the Breogán River to fight for the Playoff until the endbecame a true iconic star for the fans of Lugo, with whom he built a very special connection.


So much so that the fans could not miss his party: the Breogan River called a farewell for the entire staff in the central Santa Maria de Lugo Square and, before thousands of fans shouting “MVP, MVP”, Dzanan Musa was crowned by surprise. The person in charge of handing him the trophy was his brother Dzennis, come from Bosnia without knowledge for Dzanan, who received very excited the award.

Muse he celebrated it with the Lugo tide, signing autographs and taking selfies with hundreds of fans for over an hour. Commitment of MVP Movistar.

The Bosnian was four times Player of the Day and proclaimed MVP Movistar for the months of December and February, without lowering the level of inspiration during the rest of the course.

An SUV that dominates all facets

At 23 years old, Dzanan Musa can boast of being the most valued player in the Endesa League, with an average of 23.1. Only in three games did he stay below ten valuation credits.

Likewise, the breoganista star became the top scorer in the competition, with an average of 20.1 per gameexceeding twenty points in nearly two-thirds of his performances and falling below ten points only twice.


Absolute free throw leader (6 per match) and faults received (6.5), Musa is able to appear in rankings as different from each other as that of defensive rebounds (4th, with 4 on average), shots of two (7th, with 4.4), recoveries (11th, with 1.1), total rebounds (18th, with 5.1), triples (21st, with 1.8) and assists (24th, with 3.1).

The one from Bihac concluded the season with notable percentages: 78.7% in free throws, 56.1% in shots of two and 38.1% in triples.

Shermadini and Moneke, in the wake of Musa in the voting

In the final vote, Dzanan Musa outscored Giorgi Shermadini (40 points: 2nd for fans and media, 3rd for technicians) and Chima Monek (35: 2nd for players and 3rd for press and fans), becoming the Movistar MVP of 2021-22 and joining a legendary clubalong with other historical names in the competition.