ANDhe Bosnian international from Rio Breogán Dzanan Musa was successfully operated on Friday morning for a fracture in the trachea that occurred hours before, in the match with BAXI Manresa (98-94) and that will prevent him from being in the game this Sunday against Real Madrid.

El Breogán reported that “the intervention Musa underwent ended at dawn and the medical team reported that everything went well and as planned.”

The club is scheduled to report in the next few hours on the evolution of the player, who will be absent on the next day of the ACB, in which Breogán visits Real Madrid.

Musa, who received many messages of affection on social networks, sent a message to his followers moments before being intervened: “Just as I fight on the court, I will fight against this too and I will defeat it. Until next time!”

The player suffered a broken trachea when colliding with the Argentine Juan Carlos Vaulet in a match with BAXI Manresa in which the referees did not detect a fault.

The forward was lying on the ground for a few seconds, but he got up on his own feet and, although he coughed and had trouble breathing at the time, he continued on the court.

In fact, he held out until the end and contributed four of his team’s last six points, being key to victory.

He finished with a PIR of 27, only surpassed by his teammate Rasid Mahalbasic, in a game in which he scored 18 points and grabbed 9 rebounds.

He even attended to the fans with autographs and photographs before leaving the Pazo dos Deportes de Lugo.

Later, he was admitted to the Lucus Augusti University Hospital (HULA), where he underwent surgery for his illness.