The rojinegro performed at a high level in all the games he played last season. Edu Gatell joined Coviran Granada when there were still two matches of the first phase to play to replace Bamba Fall’s ankle injury. In those two games, the center averaged 4.5 points, 5 rebounds and a PIR of 9.5 in just 17 minutes.

With the return of the Senegalese to the park, Gatell’s presence on the court decreased, although his impact on the game and in the dressing room did not. The Catalan showed a total adaptation to his new teammates and to the city and soon earned everyone’s respect based on good performances and one show of camaraderie after another.

In fact, despite being still injured, Edu Gatell jumped onto the track in the last match of the final played against Río Breogán and was at the Palacio de Deportes for a total of 11 minutes.
Edu Gatell’s best match with the Coviran Granada shirt came on the last day of the second phase, just when the red and black team were proclaimed league champions. The Catalan was key in the red-black triumph achieved in Pumarín with 6 points, 6 rebounds and a PIR of 13.

The red-black center will thus fulfill his tenth consecutive season at LEB Oro. Pablo Pin ensures with the continuity of Edu Gatell experience, commitment, leadership, camaraderie and life insurance on the track.

Statements by the Coviran Granada coach and sports director, Pablo Pin: “Edu’s renewal is a joy for everyone. I think he is a player who adapted perfectly last year to the team, to the city and to the club. The time he was able to play gave us a lot. He knows the league perfectly and since we finished we have been talking. He was very interested in staying in Granada because he had loved playing here, the city and the people. He can contribute a lot and he will give us his 100% for the team ”.

Statement from the Coviran Granada player, Edu Gatell: “I decided to stay in Granada and renew because the 4 months of last season I was very comfortable. I felt very supported by the team, the coaching staff and the fans. When one is comfortable in a place there is always priority to follow ”.

“The most important thing is not to suffer injuries because it is something that nobody wants. On a collective level I hope that we are as high as possible. We want to play well and as a team ”.
“We are going to give everything to make it a beautiful year. We want to enjoy and have fun