ANDDuardo García has presented his resignation as president of Unicaja on March 29 before the Board of Directors. He will leave the post after almost eleven years, once his successor is appointed, so that, as reported by the entity, “the next president can get involved as soon as possible in the planning of the next season.”

Thus leaves the oldest leader in history, retired last August, under whose mandate the title of the Eurocup 16/17 was achieved. But in his management there are more shadows than lights since he was unable to maintain the Euroleague A license and he stopped fighting for the ACB league title.

From the Malaga entity, however, it has been detailed that among his achievements are those of having generated resources for the club, his involvement in the quarry, the remodeling of the Los Guindos pavilion and the creation of women’s teams. They also wanted to thank him “for his commendable work, his affection in treating all the people under his responsibility, his effort and perseverance and wish him a pleasant stage after so many years of hard work.”

Farewell statement from Eduardo García:

“The passage of time is inexorable. After 11 years at the helm of a Club like ours, the time has come to step aside and retire. I am 66 years old in August of last year, in the middle of a pandemic, and it was that moment when I left my duties at Unicaja Banco, becoming a retiree. However, I remained at the head of the Club, given the delicate moment that was being experienced both in the Club and in sports in general and in society. Nowadays that the situation seems to be improving and that the future prospects are more promising, I think it is time to leave office and dedicate myself to my family and friends for as long as my health and life allow. ”

In the near future, the new president will be appointed by the Board of Directors of the club, in accordance with Unicaja Banco. Meanwhile, Eduardo García will continue to exercise his current position.

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