24 seasons in a row leads the Perfumeries Avenida in the highest national division. A long period that has allowed him to establish a successful project that now adds his seventh national title and that maintains it as the active club with the most LF Endesa in its showcases.

By beating Valencia Basket, the Azulona entity enters the Olympus of the three teams with the most leagues in history. With this triumph, he equals CREF Hello and stays at a title below Ros Casares, which means that the charro team has the exciting challenge of becoming the most awarded club in the history of the competition in the coming years.

In its fifteenth consecutive final, the Salamanca team has shown its character as champion and in a year as complicated as this for the public, it has strengthened its flag, Wurzburg, like an authentic fortress that has undoubtedly been part of so many successes that have been enjoyed in Salamanca. And it is that whenever the charro club has played a third game at home, it has lifted the title with its own.

The Perfumerías Avenida campaign has been to frame from beginning to end. Since they lifted the Super Cup, the azulonas have completed a historical record of victories in all competitions, reaching a total of 42 wins in a row.

In Endesa Women’s League, it took 27 days for the defeat to knock on the charro team’s door, while in the Euroleague, they only yielded in the final match against Yekaterinburg.

To the double and the silver medal in the Euroleague is added having reached the semifinals of the Queen’s Cup and individual recognitions such as the LF Endesa award for Tiffany hayes as best forward already Katie Lou Samuelson with the best power forward in the competition. Likewise, Maite Cazorla was named revelation national player.

Roberto Iñíguez has found a way to fit the pieces of a squad, on the one hand young and full of ambition that in cases like Maite Cazorla, the Samuelson sisters, Bella Allarie or Emese Hof lived their first finals in Spain, and on the other hand, seniority and leadership, which has come from the hand of Silvia Domínguez, Leo Rodríguez and Andrea Vilaró. To this has been added the physical power of Tiffany Hayes or Nikolina milic.

With this great group, the style of play has been based on the creation of a striking basketball, with an aggressive defense, a lot of attention to the rebound and a great speed that explains the dominance of azulón during the regular part of the season.

Although, in this final, this superiority has been impossible because in front was a Valencia Basket capable of minimizing the virtues of the Salamanca team. So what the team needed was character. And he has taken it out in the most complicated moments and that is why he has been crowned, once again, champion.