Juanjo Santana will celebrate his second year in the Albacete capital. The 21-year-old power forward left the fans of Bueno Arenas wanting more in the final stretch of the season and in the Play Offs. Santana has grown by leaps and bounds and Albacete has witnessed it in the first person. He now faces the challenge of LEB Oro together with the verdinegro team.

Juanjo Santana has renewed as a Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket player on his own merits. Despite the start of the season accompanied by injuries, the man from Talave knew how to carve out a niche for himself in the team by holding back the strongest interior players in the LEB Plata. A very solid player of 2.05 meters well used. A real wall in defense and coordinated, agile, fast and with an extensive card of resources near the hoop. At 21 years old, Juanjo becomes a player with great projection who has gone through the dynamics of the Spanish national team in 3×3 and will now go through the LEB Gold.

David Varela trusts Juanjo Santana as a power forward in part because of his dedication, effort and ability to adapt. A player who will strengthen the inside game of Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket during the 2022/23 season.