ANDl Herbalife Gran Canaria continues to climb positions in search of the play-offs for the Endea League title after beating a tough Casademont Zaragoza on Saturday in a direct duel between applicants for the second phase that finally leaned in favor of the yellows ( 84-76).

Despite the 18 points and 10 rebounds of the Canadian guard Dylan Ennis (23 valuation), the team led by Porfirio Fisac ??exhibited an excellent block game that allowed up to five players to exceed ten points, thus promoting a new triumph of the Insular team, which in the last two months has added 5 victories in 6 Endesa League matches.

The Aragonese, with Ennis and Harris as protagonists, took advantage in the first bars (2-7) against a Claretian team that took time to carbure, until Albicy put the 10-9 on the electronic in the middle of the first quarter.

From there, Shurna and Slaughter assumed the chevrons in the forefront (14-9) while the former yellow Nico Brussino minimized the bleeding with his outside shot (15-14), closing the initial period with a minimum advantage of the islanders of 19- 16.

In the second round, the Argentine continued to increase his statistics from the perimeter -13 points with 3/3 in triples before the break-, although through the yellow ranks, Okoye and Slaughter were also encouraged to exchange blows (29-28).

The pupils flirted with advantages of six points, but Casademont made up for it with another former Gran Canaria player, in this case the American Jacob Wiley, who was speeding up to overcome the centimeters of the Polish Olek Balcerowski -8 points in the second quarter- and take advantage for the first time for the hands after several minutes in tow of the rival (37-38).

At the restart, Okoye with a dunk and Costello with a triple, exchanged roles for a 10-4 run that put the island team with an advantage of seven (51-44). Hlinason and Harris were not willing to back down against the locals, but Stevic and Okoye again stretched the difference to ten (60-50) at 3:30 to end the third period.

However, the pupils of the former Argentine coach, Sergio Hernández, took strength from weakness to cauterize the wound, taking advantage of the mobility of Ennis and Barreiro to put a hopeful 62-59 on the scoreboard.

In the last quarter, the success of the two teams suffered against the zone as well as on the perimeter, although Kilpatrick’s effervescence allowed to break the tonic in favor of the insular with an 11-5 rebound in the absence of five minutes for the conclusion (73-64). Again Ennis and Sulaimon gave life to Casademont in a final blow (77-74) that ended up being diluted after a triple and four free throws by base Albicy (84-76).

Data sheet:

84. Herbalife Gran Canaria (19 + 22 + 21 + 22): Albicy (12), Costello (11), Dimsa (3), Beirán (4) and Balcerowski (8) -the starting quintet-; Okoye (13), Shurna (11), Slaughter (6), Kilpatrick (10), Diop (4) and Stevic (2).

76. Casademont Zaragoza (16 + 24 + 19 + 17): Saulaimon (6), Harris (14), Brussino (15), Ennis (18) and Hlinason (4) -initial quintet-; Barreiro (4), Benzing (5), San Miguel (1), Wiley (9) and García (-).

Referees: Antonio Conde, Rubén Sánchez and Andrés Fernández. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-ninth day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena.

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