Philip Reyes was one of the protagonists of the last program of ‘Cope’s Match’ on the occasion of the premiere of the report ‘Rey de Reyes’ in which a journey through the life and career of the Cordovan pivot is made from his debut in 1998 until his retirement.

The former player for Estudiantes, Real Madrid and the Spanish national team shared his experiences on the pitch with Juanma Castano and the rest of the participants in the program, before the Asturian journalist brought to light one of the most viral videos of Reyes’ career.

In the images, corresponding to an activity in the Fan Zone of the Copa del Rey in Malaga in 2017, the Real Madrid player is seen wearing virtual reality glasses playing to finish off a corner kick. The move was not rehearsed and Felipe ended up finishing off… a television screen.

“What sons of… I knew you were going to get him out!”, assured the Cordovan center between laughs while remembering what happened in 2017 and that it ended up going viral three years later.