The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Club Estudiantes Sociedad Anónima Deportiva took place this Thursday, July 28, at the Antonio Magariños Sports Center in Madrid.

In it, the farewell of President Fernando Galindo took place, after seven years at the head of the entity.

He took stock of his administration, emphasizing economic survival; he recognized the work of his predecessors and those who will succeed him; and he regretted not being able to leave the position with the first men’s team in ACB.

After the resignation of the previous Board of Directors in its entirety, a new one was elected, made up of:

Ignacio Triana Gracian
Juan Martinez Capdevila
Eduardo Vinuesa Mayoral
Vicente Olivenza Castilian
Rocío Orbea de Arriba
Loreto Garcia Garcia
Esther Minguela de Castro
Eugenio Gomez Hernandez
Eduardo Herrero Salinero
Victor Valcarce Ruiz

This Council appointed Ignacio Triana as president, who in his first speech before the shareholders explained the challenges faced by the Club Estudiantes SAD, and made it clear that “now is the time for struggle and effort”.

In addition, it was recalled that a new Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of the entity is being convened on September 6, in which two points on the agenda stand out: the increase in share capital amounting to €5,000,004.00; and the proposal to amend article 8 C of the Bylaws