The young Belgian player, born on November 3, 1998, is the third addition and the seventh member of the new Cadí La Seu for the 2022/2023 season. Elise Ramette is a 177 centimeters tall left-handed point guard who will live, in Seu d’Urgell, her first professional adventure away from home, after playing ten seasons in the Top Division Women, the first Belgian division. That’s right, she has ten seasons of experience at 23 years old, having played in the Crack Blue Cats Ieper (2012-2015), BBC Jeugd Gentson (2015-2017), BBC Sint Katelijne Waver (2017-2020) and Castors Braine (2020). -2022). In the last four seasons she has played in the EuroCup Women and in the last one she has stood out numerically with Mitha Castors Braine with 8.1 points, 3.5 rebounds and 5 assists per game. She also reflected her growth in her league with her 9.1 points, 3.5 rebounds and 4 assists per game. In addition, the player has already counted many times on the call of the Belgian senior team to participate in the different international commitments.

The coach of Cadí La Seu, Jordi Acero, very positively values ??the incorporation of Elise Ramette to the team: “She is a young player with EuroCup experience, who will leave her country for the first time, to discover a world outside of Belgium, and who has very eager to grow. Happy because we believe that she will give us rhythm of play, direction and defense. She can also open the field for us with her three-point shot. Convinced that she will help us continue to grow along with her ambition. When she comes, together we will help her to adapt as best, and as quickly, as possible. ”

With her there are now seven pieces for Cadí La Seu 2022/2023: Ariadna Pujol, Laura Peña, Montse Brotons, Júlia Soler, Georgina Bahí, Paula Strautmane and Elise Ramette.