With three months to go before it begins its tenth season in the Endesa Women’s League, Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre continues to work to create an exciting squad. The seventh addition will be the 24-year-old Estonian power forward Kadri-Ann Lass, who comes to Bierzo from the Hungarian League after playing during the last season in one of the most powerful teams in the Magyar country, Uni Györ, with the who participated in the Eurocup. At 191 centimeters tall, he is an absolute international and played in the qualifying phase for the Eurobasket.

Born in the Estonian town of Tartu, Lass began her sports career at the Audentese SG / Noortekoondis in her country, where she played from 2010 to 2015 with two short steps in 2013 and 2014 for Eclex Tallin. After this stage in the Baltic country, he participated for four courses in the University League of the United States (NCAA) with the Dukes of Duquesne, where he signed an important career – he registered an average of almost 11 goals and about 6 rebounds in his last year. – Coming to coincide with a former player of the Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre as Juca Vojinovic and with the Spanish sisters Laia and Judith Solé.

International experience with your selection and team level

After completing his formative stage, he signed for one of the clubs with the longest tradition in Polish basketball, Wisla Can-Pack from Krakow, where he met two familiar faces in Spanish basketball such as Krystal Vaughn and Chloe Wells. There he played an important role averaging almost 10 points and more than 5 rebounds, which earned him his transfer to Uni Györ. In one of Hungary’s top teams, he may not have had the expected prominence, although he averaged more than 13 minutes in the domestic championship with more than 4 goals and more than 2 sacks per game. It also played the second continental competition.

An absolute international, he participated in the qualifying phase for the Eurobasket, in which he played four games averaging 13 points and more than 4 sacks despite facing teams such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia. His international experience began in grassroots categories with Estonia, getting a silver medal in the U18 European Division B. He has also been in several 3×3 championships in the absolute and training category, hanging another silver medal in the European Games of 2019.

Pepe Vázquez: “She fits the player profile we are looking for”

Regarding his signing, the Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre coach, Pepe Vázquez, recognizes the commitment to a player who “is not well known to the general public. She is international, with all the valuable that this entails – it means being one of the best players in your country, she says – and she has training in the United States “, points out the Galician coach, who recalls that” in his two years as a professional in Europe has been in two clubs with a lot of tradition, getting to play the Eurocup ”.

Regarding her playing characteristics, Vázquez highlights her versatility from Lass: “She is a versatile player, who can occupy the 4 and 5 positions due to her height and corpulence. She can play with her face and back and she has an outside shot ”, analyzes the Santiago de Compostela coach, who adds that“ she is a young player, with a future and that she can help us in the present. Although this last year she did not have many opportunities, she fits into the player profile we are looking for due to her wide room for improvement ”, he emphasizes.

Kadri-Ann Lass: “I am looking forward to arriving and starting to work hard”

For her part, the new player in the Bercian squad describes herself as “a team player. My priority is that we all play well and that we play well as a team ”, emphasizes the new power forward of the Bembibre team, who assures that his style of play is more defensive:“ I prefer to make an effort in defense and I hope to help the team in that way. I will work so that we can win many games ”, he adds.

On the other hand, Lass assures that she faces this new stage with enthusiasm: “I am excited to arrive in Spain in my third season after my return to Europe. I still have not learned much, “confesses the Baltic interior, who hopes to learn more about a new culture for her:” I know a little about Spain and the Endesa Women’s League. I really want to get to know Bembibre ”, emphasizes the Estonian player, happy with her first contact with the coaching staff:“ So far everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. I want to arrive and start working hard ”, he concludes.