Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre has agreed to renew the young Catalan player Laura Méndez, who becomes the second to confirm her presence in the tenth project of the Berciano team in the Endesa Women’s League. The 175-centimeter-tall base, one of the great sensations of last season in the highest category of Spanish women’s basketball, thus extends its commitment to the Bierzo Alto entity until the end of the 2021-2022 academic year.

In this regard, Méndez affirms that “I am very happy to renew. Everyone behaved very well and I was excited to continue one more year because the club trusted me to make the leap to the Endesa Women’s League ”, explains the Barcelona woman, who also wanted, like Anna Palma, to link her renewal to that of her coach, Pepe Vázquez. “He trusted me and now he’s counting on me,” argues the player, who praises the Galician’s bravery in betting on her despite her youth: “I’ve had minutes. She gave me a lot of confidence from the beginning and I focused on what I could improve to contribute more and grow as a player ”, she emphasizes.

In a similar vein, the coach of the Bembibrense team, Pepe Vázquez, is also satisfied with this renewal: “I am happy because she is a player I trust. As in the case of Anna [Palma]He is young and learning ”, admits the Compostela coach, who thinks that“ he has gone from less to more. She has been very involved with the team and the club ”, says the Galician coach, who considers that“ she has a lot of future and a lot of room for improvement. He must continue working with his feet on the ground ”, he points out.

“I learned a lot from my teammates and rivals”

At 19, the Cerdanyola player will face her second experience in the Endesa Women’s League in the Bembibrense team after a more than remarkable debut. He participated, in fact, in the 30 games of the regular phase, in which he averaged more than 13 minutes. She contributed more than 3 goals per game and was included in the ideal quintet of the 26th day, in which her team beat Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres and she confirmed her positive evolution in what was perhaps the most important match for her. achieve permanence.

Méndez sums up his first year in the top category as “very positive” because, he believes, “the level of the Endesa Women’s League is very high. There are players of a high level and experience ”, analyzes the Catalan, who assures that“ when I arrived I had no expectations about the minutes that I could play or what I could contribute. I was simply excited to participate because it is a competition that is very difficult to get to, ”says the Red base, satisfied because“ I learned a lot from my teammates and rivals to continue growing. I am happy with my evolution during the year despite the ups and downs, “he says.

For his part, Pepe Vázquez understands that “it is normal for him to have ups and downs due to his youth. Her last month of competition was very good “, considers the coach of the Berciano team, adding that” she has shown that she is qualified to be a player in this League because she knows the level she can give. This must be the year of their confirmation “, underlines the Galician coach, aware that” playing in this League requires a process. Now he will have a higher hierarchy thanks to what he learned with Monika [Naczk] and Roselis [Silva] and it will be important to transmit what Bembibre will demand of her new colleagues ”, he emphasizes.

“I have adapted very well to an experience that I wanted to live”

Sportively trained in the town of which she is originally, Cerdanyola, she has several Spanish championships with the Catalan team and made her debut in Women’s League 2 in the Vallés team before joining GEiEG Girona, a subsidiary of the current champion of the Copa de la Copa. Reina, in 2019. International in all training categories except U19, will culminate its process after being included in the preselection of the national team that will participate next summer in the European U20 category that will be held in the Hungarian town of Sopron. In addition, she was the European U18 champion in the 3×3 modality.

In Bembibre he lived, therefore, his first adventure in our country outside of Catalonia. In this regard, Méndez recalls that “I felt very good because I received a lot of affection there. At the club they always helped us, both me and my teammates, when we needed it ”, explains the Cerdanyola playmaker, who affirms that“ the people who were with us made it easy by creating a perfect environment. I adapted very well to an experience that I wanted to live ”, emphasizes the game director, who hopes, for the next campaign,“ to continue taking steps and improve every day to be able to contribute more and evolve ”.