Romanian player Teodora Neagu joins Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre to end the 2021-2022 season. It is a power forward 25 years old and 182 centimeters tall who arrives at the Berciano team to cover the recent loss of Carolina Arfinengo. Absolute international, Neagu, who could make his debut this Thursday if he receives the international transfer, recently dissociated himself from Sepsi SIC Sfântu Gheorghe, current champion of the Romanian League, with whom he participated in the Eurocup.

Neagu, therefore, arrives at the Berciano team after this fleeting return to Sepsi, where he coincided with former Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre player Jovana Paši? and others with a past in Spanish women’s basketball such as Marina Bas and Maja Miljkovic. There, apart from a limited participation in two games in the second continental competition, he averaged more than 3 points and 2 rebounds with an average of more than 11 minutes in the domestic championship. He had already played in the 2017-2018 season in this team, with which he already debuted in the Eurocup then and was that same year League and Cup champion in Romania.

International and with a long history in your country

Later he went through the ICIM Arad, where he played half a season before going to Targoviste. After the 2018-2019 season, he returned to Cluj Napoca, a team in which he had started his professional career in 2014, at just 18 years old, and in which he remained in this first stage until 2017. In this period, he also coincided with two other former players of the Berciano team, Shanece McKinney and Chelsea Davis, and another one, Dajana Butulija, with a past in the Endesa Women’s League. After her second stage at this club, she went through Satu Mare, where she met Claudia Cuic (formerly Claudia Pop) and Erica Covile, also known in Spanish women’s basketball.

Absolute international, he was part of the Romanian team during the last FIBA ??window. Although he played the first game against Iceland, he left the concentration to join the training of Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre before his team faced Spain last Sunday in Almería. He participated in international championships with the U23 3×3 team and played up to four continental competitions in training categories, specifically, in the U16, U18 categories and the last two in the U20. In 2019 he also participated in the Universiade held in the Italian city of Naples.

“I always transmit good energy and I try to help my colleagues”

Facing this new experience, Neagu takes it on as a challenge: “I am preparing for a very competitive league against powerful teams and a different type of basketball. I hope that each training session and each match will be a challenge ”, highlights the Galati player, happy with the first contact with the club:“ They made sure that everything was ready for my arrival and they helped me a lot, especially with the trip. I like the way they work and they seem like a very organized team on and off the pitch ”, he sums up.

Regarding her style of play, the new power forward for the Bierzo Alto team describes herself as “the type of player who puts a lot of effort on the pitch, especially when it comes to defending. A good defense makes attacking easier and gives me a boost of confidence ”, argues the Romanian player, who sees herself as a good teammate:“ I always transmit good energy and try to help my teammates on and off the pitch. I think this is how relationships are established in basketball ”, he adds.

“It comes to cover a gap that we have had since the preseason”

For his part, the Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre coach, Pepe Vázquez, is “satisfied” with the signing because “he comes to cover a gap that we have had since the preseason due to injuries, delays, absences, casualties and others. At last we will be able to be eleven players and the level of training and competitiveness will rise “, underlines the Galician coach, who believes that this incorporation” will help in the rotation because Tina Jakovina, although she can help promptly in the position of 4, will be able to play in its natural position ”.

In addition, the Santiago de Compostela coach adds that Neagu “completes the inside game in the same role as Carolina Arfinengo. It is a 4 that plays open, with a good hand and that can play one on one by throwing the ball to the ground ”analyzes the coach of the Bembibre team, who adds that“ he has a fighting spirit, sacrifice and ability to defend due to his intensity, what that will help in the day to day and in the games ”.