Without forgetting the importance that each of the followers have had in the previous nine campaigns, Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre opens its period of recruitment and renewal of subscribers for the 2021-2022 season, the tenth of the Bierzo Alto club in the highest category of basketball Spanish women’s league, the Endesa Women’s League. In the midst of the struggle to overcome a very tough health and economic crisis and with the motto “Ten seasons enjoying a shared dream”, the entity chaired by Amparo Villadangos remembers its fans and raises, in view of this new campaign of partners, a series of novelties aimed at alleviating the precarious situation in our country, especially sports.

After a season marked by the health crisis of COVID-19, the club has agreed to reward the loyalty of the members who decided to support their team during the past campaign and paid their card despite the doubts that there were about the development of the competition . In an extraordinary decision, the board of directors has resolved that, after five closed-door matches were played at the Bembibre Arena during the last year, these subscribers will have a discount of 10 euros when obtaining their card for the 2021-2022 season. New subscribers and those who want to get their subscription again after not acquiring it last season will keep the price that was agreed at the beginning of last year.

Prices are maintained for new subscribers

Specifically, given the serious economic situation that our country is going through due to the health crisis, the board of directors of Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre has decided to maintain prices after they suffered a variation in 2018 after several seasons without modifying them. In this way, the honorary member and family (partner and minor children) modalities will pay 90 euros, while the individual subscription (collaborator) will have a price of 60 euros. The card for young people between 14 and 18 years old (youth) will continue to cost 20 euros.

With these initiatives, the Bembibre entity intends to make a leap in the number of members to overcome the 600 barrier. It will not be complicated if one takes into account the level that a competition is reaching that last season increased the number of teams to sixteen participants and that has among them two great exponents of continental basketball such as the champion of the EuroCup Women, Valencia Basket, and the runner-up of the Euroleague Women, Perfumerías Avenida.

Open a distribution point in Bembibre

Therefore, it is presumed that there will be a desire to enjoy the best European women’s basketball show, so the Boeza village club is preparing news for the purchase of season tickets for this new season.

For the moment, yes, automatic renewal is maintained for subscribers up to date with payment during the last season. For those who want to regain their membership status, they should contact by phone (606190814) or send an email to the following addresses: or They can also request it in the club’s profiles on the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

In addition to all these ways to acquire the season tickets, the club, which this year wanted to honor Santo Ecce Homo in the design of the card, has found a way to facilitate this process for fans who cannot carry out these procedures through the internet. It recently opened a fixed distribution point in Bembibre (Calle Doctor Marañón, 4) where there is also a sale of club products and merchandising of all kinds.

Likewise, renewed subscriptions for the next season can be collected and registrations and recovery of membership status can be managed for those who declined to do so in the last year.

In line with what was agreed in previous years, we remind you that to register as a new member or change the subscription modality, those interested should also contact the club by any of the aforementioned channels. To make the first of these options effective, the following information must be provided: NAME AND SURNAME, POSTAL ADDRESS, CONTACT TELEPHONE, EMAIL AND TYPE OF CARD REQUESTED.


SUBSCRIBE PRICES (€ 10 less for season tickets 20-21)
FAMILY: € 90
YOUTH (14-18 years): € 20