Endesa and the Spanish Basketball Federation will celebrate the Basket Girlz event during the weekend of March 11-13corresponding to the Day 24 of the Endesa Women’s League. The occasion seeks to focus on the early abandonment of basketball by non-professional players, to offer new ways of connecting between young women and their sporting references and to convince young girls that the smart thing to do is to continue practicing sports and, specifically, of basketball

Endesa and the FEB want to continue creating links between basketball and young women in Spain through numerous initiatives that will be developed at the Women’s League crossroads and that will shape this Basket Girlz event. Through the website www.endesabasketlover.com, the company proposes experiences for all audiences. From the ball girl, who will deliver the official match ball at the start of the match, to a very special game for fathers, mothers and daughters, with which they can participate as a family in the break of some of the matches of the day.

This is not all: Endesa and the FEB will invite two amateur women’s teams between the ages of 12 and 18 to watch two matches over the weekend: Movistar Estudiantes-Baxi Ferrol and Cadí La Seu against Innova-tsn Leganés. In addition, the digital sphere will also be present with the use of team avatars along with the Basket Girlz Project logo, the official hashtag #BasketGirlz and #LoInteligenteEsSeguir and featured digital content on the channels of the teams and Endesa Basket Lover.

The Basket Girlz Project was born from the observation of a worrying trend: young women abandon basketball early, losing all the sporting and social benefits that its practice brings us. Through the study carried out by the sports psychologist Mar Rovira, the Basket Girlz Project sheds light on the causes of abandonment, gives a voice to relevant figures in our society and stimulates impact initiatives such as the Basket Girlz Day.

Find out more about the project, testimonials and initiatives at www.proyectobasketgirlz.com.

Via Feb.es