Endesa, official sponsor of the Spanish Women’s Basketball Team, will reuse the discarded plastics at the Valencia headquarters of the FIBA Women’s EuroBasket 2021, which has been held since June 17 with the organization of the Spanish Basketball Federation, and will focus on the new generations of players thanks to the actions framed in the project Basket girlz. The company thus shows with concrete actions its commitment to integral sustainability, a concept that goes beyond environmental issues to incorporate social aspects such as equity or equal opportunities.

The plastics used at the Valencia headquarters during the EuroBasket 2021 they will become new materials, such as the creation of completely recycled notebooks that will be distributed among the Basket Lover community. In total, more than 100kg of plastics, bottles and caps will go through a casting process that will give life to unique recycled pieces. An initiative that exemplifies Endesa’s commitment to the circular economy, a new economic model that aspires to a more efficient use of resources, minimizing those that are consumed and reincorporating usable waste into the production process.

Likewise, Endesa will compensate the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the movements of the Spanish National Team and all the national teams that play their matches at the Valencia headquarters, through participation in forestry projects that contribute to the mitigation of climate change. .

Sustainability has been one of the axes of the evolution of the firm’s sports sponsorship during the 2020-21 season. In the Copa del Rey and the Copa de la Reina LFEndesa, the focus was on hobbies, who competed digitally in an ecological trivia to generate sustainable awareness.

On the other hand, the project Basket Girlz, joint initiative with Higher Sports Council and the Spanish Basketball Federation and focused on understanding and alleviating the causes of the early abandonment of basketball among young players, it has been a protagonist during the previous days and will continue to be during the celebration of the event. The starting gun was the attendance of a group of basketball fans at the team’s presentation at the Endesa headquarters on May 17, actively participating in asking questions of the SelFEM players.

In the weeks leading up to EuroBasket, the Endesa Basket Lover channels have published reflections among National Team players from different generations to discuss the evolution of our women’s basketball and their perceptions. Similarly, the female players Laia Palau Y Maria Count, accompanied by the former player and coach Anna Montañana, staged a debate with girls from Valencia Basket in L’Alqueria del Basket about the importance of continuing to play basketball.

During the tournament, Endesa allocates special tickets to the Very Important Girlz: girls who are passionate about basketball who are of the ages that Basket Girlz tackles, and who already enjoy unique double tickets to EuroBasket matches.

In 2021, Endesa celebrates 10 years accompanying basketball in Spain, being a sponsor of the National Teams and the Endesa Women’s League together with the Spanish Basketball Federation and the ACB and their competitions: the Endesa League, the King’s Cup and the Endesa Mini Cup. .

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