Psometimes the Endesa League He had reached a final day with so much to decide, especially in the lower part of the classification. And for this reason, the roller coaster that means a day with all the games at the same time acquired so much dimension this year. Many games at the same time and a lot at stake.

The summary of a night of wonderful basketball in its purest form could be this: MoraBanc Andorra and San Pablo Burgos descend to the LEB Oro and Gran Canaria gets into the playoff for the title. But that summary seems very easy with everything that happened.

The positions didn’t actually change from how they started, although he was able to do so dramatically. In Burgos, the Fuenlabrada he brought out his best version, and that of Eyenga and above all Ristic, to break the game in the third quarter. He acquired advantages that made his position in the ACB never in danger, he was never a LEB team. He calmed her nerves better than he did. Burgos and sent his rival to the second category of Spanish basketball. It was a matter of survival.

The Casademont Zaragoza neither stepped on the LEB. He won from the start UCAM Murcia with advantages that reached a maximum of 19 points, although in the end the locals came to tighten the score, but without success. While the maño team maintained its status as an Endesa League team, it ruined Murcia’s dream of playing in the playoffs for the title. They would have done it if they had won their match.

With the Fuenla and the Saragossa saved almost from minute 1 and the Burgos sunk as the night wore on, the Andorra he did experience various states of mind, from seeing salvation a thousand light years away, to touching it with his hands, and vanishing in three seconds.

The MoraBanc began by giving ground to lenovo, who needed to win to be fifth, and the match was very uphill for him. Much more seeing that Fuenla and Zaragoza They dominated their games. The Andorrans needed to win and the people from Madrid and Aragonese to lose. None of that was happening.

But there was a third way. The victory of Betis in Bilbao would change the panorama if they managed to win the lenovo. And shortly before the end those two parameters were given. The Andorra came back to take the lead while the Betis won in Bilbao. It was for a few seconds. While the Sevillians went to extra time with Mumbrú’s team, Shermaniniwith three seconds to go, condemned the LEB to a Andorra which has had a great season finale. The final victory of Betis did not help because MoraBanc had lost their duel.

But the victory of Betis Yes, something else changed. He left without a playoff for the title Bilbao and handed it to him on a silver platter Gran Canaria. The end of the Betis season has been formidable (what would have happened to this team all year with Louis Casimir). And the one from Granca who will play for the title in eighth place that seemed to burn. Three candidates, and all three lost at home.

It was a day of smiles and tears, smiles for those who continue next year in the Endesa League, those who managed to save themselves in the end. Tears, terrible, for those who will have to try to ascend again. But everyone, winners and losers, offered us an enormous day of pure ACB basketball.