The Board of Directors wishes to thank once again Paco Raga, Honorary President of the entity, for the effort and dedication that he has developed in managing the Club since last September, when he provisionally assumed the position of General Director which will continue to exercise until the end of 2021.

Enric Carbonell, who joined the Club last September 2020 after spending time at the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, has appreciated “having the opportunity to lead such an exciting project for both the fans and the city of Valencia, such as the Valencia Basket Club. A project that, thanks to the work and talent of all those who have been part of the entity, has not stopped growing in 35 years. All of us who are part of this Club have great challenges ahead, which are united in a single objective: to excite the Fonteta, its workers and our Patrons Juan Roig and Hortensia Herrero ”.

Enric Carbonell, born in Valencia 34 years ago, served until now as Director of Operations and Processes, being the main person in charge of the events organized by the Club at the hands of the different national and international institutions in the world of basketball.