TAU Castelló moved quickly to make up for the unexpected loss of its franchise player Juan García and yesterday the tile club and Eric Stutz signed the contract for the next season.

Eric is 29 years old, 2.03 years old, and a native of Indiana. Fans already know him since he played two seasons in LEB Oro at Força Lleida being one of the best fours in the league. Nothing more and nothing less than the 19-20 season, the Indiana player scored 13.4 points and grabbed 7.9 rebounds per game to make an average rating of 17.3.

But Stutz’s “in crescendo” progression continued and last season, in the Israeli second division he had an average of 17, 4 points, 11 rebounds and a 22.9 efficiency when the league was suspended due to COVID 19.

Toni Ten analyzed the benefits of the North American four, “it’s a very complete four. He can play wide because he has a very good shot and also close to the rim with great rebounding power. Very happy to complete the position of four where we have three great and very versatile players ”.

The president, Luis García, was very satisfied with the operation, “we have been fast. The loss of Juan García dislodged us but the sports management has moved quickly and in an excellent way to bring in a great player such as Eric Stutz, who has also shown a great predisposition, which has allowed the operation to be very fast ”.

Great movement of the TAU Castelló with the signing of Eric. A TAU Castelló that little by little is taking shape and which will only need two pieces, an interior and an exterior, to form a squad of eleven players.