The “bird”, as it is known, McCall will fly in Salamanca with the guarantee, practically, that wherever it goes, it pays off.

This is endorsed by his numbers in his several seasons in Europe, with four successful years in the Hungarian Szekszard which he guided, among other successes, to an F4 Eurocup. If he had already left his mark in Hungary, last season he “came out” in Turkey, with Besiktas, averaging more than 17 points and an average of 11 rebounds per game in the Ottoman league (second highest rebounder in the competition), achieving the best numbers of his career. After being drafted 17th by the Indiana Fever, Erica has played in the American League for Indiana and Washington where she, precisely, was a regular starter last season.

Only 26 years old for this Stanford-trained American who stands out for her powerful physique and her athletic conditions, ideal for rebounding, blocking and running the court with agility, without forgetting her scoring talent under the hoop and from mid-range. A benchmark player who, in addition, teams up with her constant energy and personality and who, without a doubt, will win over the Blue Tide very soon.