Erika de Souza, the best rebounder in history… Also in LF Challenge?

She has held the honorary title of the best historical rebounder of the LF Endesa for some years and can boast of being the best rebounder of all time in the different FEB Competitions. Two records that will last over time in the service record of an Erika de Souza who, however, could achieve this year in the LF Challenge something never seen before, reigning in two categories simultaneously.


Perhaps it can be a bit daring to speak of historical records in a competition that has only one month of life and in which only 47 matches have been played over six days of competition, but being in the middle Erika de Souza, the daring is inevitable.

And it is that, since he stepped on a national field for the first time, back in the season 2003/04, the Brazilian interior has been synonymous with rebounds in the LF Endesa. A competition in which he played 372 official meetings along the 14 seasons and in which he set his historical record in the 3,266 captures.

Records for history that could well have enriched during the last few months in which, however, his life took one of those turns that come more from the passion than the rational. Because, with the decision to withdraw from the slopes practically taken, Erika found a new motivation in the town of Sewer and from the hand of a team that she came to ready to take on what is predictably the last great challenge of her career.

The challenge of double leadership in the LF Challenge

They were able to erase the idea of ??retirement from their heads through a juicy sporting challenge and thus, in the Global Hozone Jairis became the perfect accomplice for the new record that the Brazilian Erika de Souza could reach this year.

A club with which he was preparing to play a LF Challenge of new creation and of which it has assumed its center with force to be the most valued player of the first six days (23.4p). All this through a month of competition in which their 39 years They have not been an impediment when it comes to signing four doubles-doubles consecutively.

Figures with which Erika has achieved -with one game less than her rivals- an average of 12 rebounds per game that represent the best records of his career and that open the door to a new personal success. Because, with these figures and always with the permission of a Ana Pocek (CAB Estepona) With which she is equaled, Erika will fight this course to be able to become the maximum historical rebounder of the new competition.

An achievement that would make her the only player capable of reigning twice in two different categories, thus adding even more brilliance to her already extensive legend.

Will he be able to assume this new throne?

Competition Meeting Total rebounds Matches Average pp
Endesa League Felipe Reyes Cabanas 4,725 824 5.70
LF Endesa Erika de Souza Machado 3,266 372 8.78
LEB Gold League Urko Otegui Esnaloa 2,752 542 5.08
LF Challenge Erika de Souza Machado
Ana Pocek
LEB Silver League Alberto Rodriguez Osma 1,722 398 4.33
Women’s League 2 Aitana Cuevas Mediavilla 2,684 391 6.86
EBA League Luis Carlos Fernandez Betancourt 3,222 470 6.86

Season stats – Erika de Souza:

Played games: 5
Minutes: 25.40
Points: 12.4
Rebounds: 12
Assists: 3.2
Recoveries: 0.6
Caps: 0.6
Fouls received: 2.6
Rating: 23,4

Sports career – Erika de Souza:

Training: Mangueira (Brazil)
1999/00: BCN of Osasc (Brazil)
2000/01: Vasco Gama (Brazil)
2001/02: Sao Paulo (Brazil)
2002/03: Mizo Pecs (Hungary)
2003/04: Unimed (Brazil)
2003/06: University of Barcelona – FC Barcelona (LF Endesa)
2006/07: Ros Casares (LF Endesa)
2006/07: Connecticut Sun (NCAA – USA)
2007/08: Ros Casares (LF Endesa)
2007/08: Atlanta Dream (NCAA – USA)
2008/09: Ros Casares (LF Endesa)
2008/09: Atlanta Dream (NCAA – USA)
2009/10: Ros Casares (LF Endesa)
2009/10: Atlanta Dream (NCAA – USA)
2010/11: Perfumerías Avenida (LF Endesa)
2010/11: Atlanta Dream (NCAA – USA)
2011/12: Perfumerías Avenida (LF Endesa)
2011/12: Atlanta Dream (NCAA – USA)
2012/13: Atlanta Dream (NCAA – USA)
2013/14: Uninassau America from Recife (Brazil)
2013/14: Atlanta Dream (NCAA – USA)
2014/15: Uninassau America from Recife (Brazil)
2014/15: Chicago Sky (NCAA – USA)
2015/16: Adani Aski Spor (Turkey)
2016/17: Uninassau America from Recife (Brazil)
2016/20: Perfumerías Avenida (LF Endesa)
2020/21: Perfumerías Avenida (LF Endesa)
2020/21: IDK Euskotren (LF Endesa)
2021/22: Hozono Global Jairis (LF Challenge)

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