ANDhe Baxi Manresa beat Movistar Estudiantes in extremis in a match that came to dominate by 22 points in the third quarter, but left the chance to overcome the collegiate team. A two plus one from Scott Eatherton, after capturing an offensive rebound, gave his team the victory by the minimum.

Students controlled the pace of the game in the first quarter. The Madrilenians were very successful from the triple (5/9) and Manresa did not find their usual rhythm in attack (15-22 min 8). In the final stretch of the quarter, local center Scott Eatherton figured out how to hurt the opposing defense and even returned command on the scoreboard to his team with a triple on the horn.

The second quarter already looked more like what Baxi Manresa wants. The team found the offensive rhythm and raised the bar in this facet. Estudiantes followed in the wake in the first minutes but lagged behind (38-31 min 13). The locals detected a source of easy points in Madrid painting (26/14). The Catalans put the finishing touch to a great second quarter with an alley-oop culminated by Yankuba Sima.

Manresa came out in a whirlwind in the third quarter determined to break the game. Pedro Martínez put pressure on the whole court that allowed his team to steal balls and finish relatively comfortably (81-59 min 26). For his part, Cuspinera tried a zonal defense that was quickly dismantled by the Manresans. The game entered the last quarter with a dynamic very favorable to Manresa.

Even so, Estudiantes had a last row of options with a partial of 0-6 at the beginning of the quarter, placing themselves within ten points (88-78 min 32). At this point, Estudiantes was faced with options and entered the game head first. Led by Avramovic and Cvetkovic, the collegiate team put Manresa on the ropes. The visitors took the lead with two free throws by Avramovic with 22 seconds to go after losing practically the entire match. But then Scott Eatherton got a two plus one after capturing an offensive rebound and gave his team the victory.

Data sheet:

102. BAXI MANRESA (23 + 37 + 27 + 15): Ferrari (11), Rafa Martínez (6), Vaulet (14), Hinrichs (12), Sima (14) -starting five- Dani Garcia (3), Mason (11), Jou (-) Báez (8) Eatherton ( 17), Janning (6) and Sajus (-).

101. MOVISTAR STUDENTS (22 + 25 + 24 + 30): Barea (13), Avramovic (24), Vicedo (-), Ángel Delgado (18), Brown (10) -starting five- Sola (2), Stoilov (-), Laksa (6), Djurisic (3), Cvetkovic (19) and Arteaga (6)

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Vicente Bultó, Rubén Sánchez. They eliminated local player Seth Hinrichs for five fouls.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 33 of the Endesa League played at the Nou Congost pavilion behind closed doors.

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