Turkish Airlines EuroLeague fans, we have this season’s 38th winner in the EuroLeague FabFive Challenge!

Rafa Peinado of Spain and his team “LA ARMADA INVENCIBLE” beat everyone else in Game 4 of the playoffs. Soric had a FabFive score of 109.2 with the following players from ranges 1 to 5: Usman Garuba of Real Madrid (28.8), KC Rivers of Zenit St Petersburg (8.4), Jaycee Carroll also of Real (24.0), Kevin Pangos of Zenit (26.4) and Wade Baldwin of FC Bayern Munich (21.6).

As his prize for finishing first in Game 4 of the playoffs, Rafa wins a free subscription to Euroleague TV!

Rafa guessed two of the players featuring in the top team possible in Game 4 of the playoffs. They were Garuba (28.8) in Range 1; JaJuan Johnson of FC Bayern Munich (14.4) in Range 2; Carroll (24.0) in Range 3; Malcolm Delaney of AX Armani Exchange Milan (28.0) in Range 4; and Shane Larkin of Anadolu Efes Istanbul (22.0) in Range 5. Their total would have been 117.2, but no FabFive manager picked all five.

Unai Sarasola of Spain leads the playoffs and Final Four standings with his team “martxel”, with a chance to win another prize! He accumulated 294.6 points in 4 rounds.

Trades are now open for Game 5 of the playoffs. Your FabFive team will show empty slots where players have moved up or down in range due to their previous performances. Be sure to replace them soon! You may choose players before and during any round, provided that neither the player you are changing nor his replacement have started their games yet.

The earliest game in Playoffs Round 5, Efes vs. Real, is scheduled to tip off on Tuesday, May 4 at 18:45 CET.

Pick your new teams now and try to become our next weekly winner in the EuroLeague FabFive Challenge!

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