yesHannon Evans, with an extraordinary performance, Betis, coming back from the match twice, and the free throws in the decisive moments, which he missed while the Sevillian team hit, left Surne Bilbao Basket in Miribilla without the Playoff for the title that they they had made possible the defeats of Gran Canaria and UCAM Murcia (98-99).

Data sheet

  • 98 – Surne Bilbao Basket (20+23+22+16+17): Rafa Luz (5), Goudelock (18), Walker (8), Masiulis (9) and Delgado (15) -starting five-, Rousselle (9 ), Hakanson (17), Reyes, Inglis (12), Withey (3) and Rigo (2).
  • 99 – Coosur Real Betis (12+29+23+17+18): Evans (29), Bertans (5), BJ Johnson III (23), Brown (2), Pasecniks (8) -starting quintet-, Pozas ( 5), Mike Torres (4), Cvetkovic (8), Almazán, Burjanadze (2), Báez (3) and Wiley (10).

The Biscayan team thus closed a season that started fatally and ended remarkably, despite the disappointment of this Saturday, in which they needed to win and for Gran Canaria and Murcia to lose in order to get into the qualifying rounds for the title.

The Verdiblanco team, on the other hand, closed in the best possible way a year that they will not forget due to their great final comeback in the standings to escape relegation that came to seem inevitable.

Something similar to what he did this afternoon in Miribilla, where he was behind three quarters, came back in the last and sent the game to extra time to end up winning 98-99 led by an enormous Evans (29 points and a PIR of 37), well helped by BJ Johnson III (23, 8 rebounds and 24).

Bilbao Basket paid for the errors, three, in Rafa Luz’s free throws in the last seconds of regulation time and another in a basket made by the Brazilian almost at the buzzer. Thus his team was left without a prize and the good performance of the Dominican Ángel Delgado (15, 7 and 23), Andrew Goudelock (18) and Ludde Hakanson (17).

A 9-0 in three minutes and a 15 -2 in 6.40 put Bilbao Basket very face to face with a clueless Betis who added a loss to each attack. Delgado was at ease in both zones, especially in the visitor zone, and it seemed that the Sevillians were still celebrating being tied up the previous day, the penultimate of the regular phase.

But Luis Casimiro’s men reacted as soon as Evans focused his teammates on their task and by the first minute of the second quarter they had already tied (20-20) thanks to a 0-8 after the 20-12 end of the first quarter.

BJ Johnson was very successful in the triple and Delgado had to reappear to feint with a new local break (39-30) that was not maintained until a break that was reached with a tight score (43-41).

But that result was enough for ‘the men in black’ to see themselves in the Playoff for the title on the way to the changing rooms, since the other markers they needed, the defeats of Gran Canaria and UCAM Murcia, both at home against Real Madrid (39 -49) and Casademont Zaragoza (33-35), were happening.

History repeated itself in the third quarter, since, launched by Goudelock, the Biscayan team once again made it bitter by escaping on the scoreboard (63-52, 4 minutes from the end of the first quarter), but Betis returned again with a 0-8 in two minutes thanks to several brilliant actions by BJ Johnson (63-61) and went into the last quarter convinced that he could come back (65-64).

He did it shortly after the first minute (68-69, 8:50 from the end). And he held out ahead 5 minutes. Until they took action on the matter Inglis and Delgado, who turned things around (80-77) so that the usual carousel of free throws would decide when a tied finish was reached.

But Luz missed three out of four and led his team to a heart-stopping ending that sent the game into extra time, with another error under the basket on the Brazilian’s own offensive rebound, who did not believe what had happened to him (81-81) .

In overtime, a heads or tails in the exchange of baskets and a decisive triple by Evans, in addition to free throws by Johnson.