The road to promotion began on Friday night with the triumphs of Liberbank Oviedo and Destino Palencia in two games resolved by the minimum and in which any team could have added positively. In the same group, Leche Río Breogán defeated a combative Covirán Granada and remains at the top of the table. In the fight to avoid relegation, emotion and tight matches were also the dominant trend.

REPORTAGE: Opposing ambitions in a final phase with no margin for error

FORECASTS: 2/5 in La Quiniela de… Sergio Mendiola (CB Almansa Afanion)

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HLA Alicante vs Liberbank Oviedo Basketball (84-85) / Statistics

Liberbank Oviedo reinforces its confidence in a complicated fiefdom

Seeing the good start of the game starring the Oviedo it could well seem that Liberbank Oviedo was going to be able to control the game with a certain comfort against an HLA Alicante who had a hard time getting into the game. Feelings sustained by the outside success of the visitors (4 triples) and in the good moment that Elijah Brown was going through, but which began to dissolve with the beginning of the second quarter when Pedro Rivero’s team began to be carried away by the direction of Justin Pitts. It was precisely the good harmony of the North American base with the inside game that allowed the Alicante to start a long-term comeback and that led to the even final throughout a last quarter that left everything open. The match was going to extra time and, once there, each basket cost a world. To such an extent that it was three free throws scored by Speight that ended up deciding a match in which the Alicante people came to have – unsuccessfully – a winning ball (84-85).

MVP: Elijah Brown (Liberbank Oviedo) – 22 Valuation

Destination Palencia vs TAU Castelló (76-75) / Statistics

Edu Durán could not assault Palencia on the horn

The victory stayed at the home of Destino Palencia, but he could well have gotten on the TAU Castelló bus since Edu Durán came to enjoy a triple winner who, on this occasion, did not find his way to the hoop. An outcome according to the match that could be lived on the Municipal de Palencia field where both teams made their intentions really clear. And the fact is that the good start of the premises, with 28 points in the first quarter and a Sasa Borovnjak unleashed, did not intimidate a TAU Castelló who did not lower his arms to continue his work of pick and shovel throughout all the encounter. Only in this way can it be understood that Toni Ten’s men were able to reduce their rival’s ten points of income thanks to their great work under the hoops to be able to reach the final stretch of the game alive. A heads or tails in which things did not go as planned for their interests, thus rewarding the work of a Palencia team that reinforced their desires to be able to fight for promotion (76-75).

MVP: Sasa Borovnjak (Destination Palencia) – 28 valuation

Leyma Coruña vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (94-76) / Statistics

Leyma Coruña starts stomping

From the hand of a dominator Gary McGhee, Leyma Coruña did not give any option in Riazor to Palmer Alma Mediterránea. The Galician team was better in all plots than their rival and on Saturday afternoon added a victory that, together with the rest of the results given in the Group for Promotion, places Sergio García’s men in second place in the group.

MVP: Gary McGhee (Leyma Coruña) – 29 rating

Leche Río Breogán vs Covirán Granada (85-78) / Statistics

El Leche Río Breogán takes a run from the first day

Leche Río Breogán started this new journey by taking on one of the best teams from the other Group in the first leg of the season. A great show that we could see at the Pazo Provincial dos Deportes in Lugo and that always had the local team taking the initiative on the scoreboard. A good start for the Galicians to which Covirán Granada replied after passing through the changing rooms. In the last period, both contenders entrusted themselves to their respective attacks to achieve a victory that fell on the Lugo side. Those of Diego Epifanio take two triumphs ahead of the group of their most immediate pursuers: Leyma Coruña and TAU Castelló.

MVP: Iván Cruz (Breogán River Milk) – 18 rating

Clínica Sur Aspasia RVB vs CB Afanion with Almansa (86-79) / Statistics

The pucelanos find an antidote to the Djuran explosion

One of the favorites to fight for promotion did not fail on Sunday morning. Of course, CB Afanion with Almansa kept his options at all times during his visit to the Pisuerga Sports Center. However, the outstanding performance of Djuran (author of six triples) did not have the desired prize. Clínica Sur Aspasia made a great defense in the final stretch to complete a final quarter in which they ended up adding their first win in this second and decisive stretch of the campaign.

MVP: Filip Djuran (CB Afanion with Almansa) – 30 ratings


Melilla Sport Capital vs Levitec Huesca (85-78) / Statistics

Melilla comeback against a Levitec Huesca that lacked gasoline

Melilla Sport Capital breathes a little more relieved after a Friday night in which Alejandro Alcoba’s team has added a valuable victory with a view to remaining in the category. And that the night had not started at all well for the Melilla team before the push of a Levitec Huesca that had arrived in the city ready to win. This was demonstrated by those of Óscar Lata with a solid first quarter in which they were able to take control of the party and thus ratified it once more in a second with which they were able to slightly stretch the differences (36-42). But the Huesca domain did not find continuity after passing through the changing rooms before the push of a Melilla Sport Capital that raised the demand in attack from the hand of an Andris Misters who began to remember that of the great nights. With that inertia, the locals were able to do a lot of damage to a rival who missed the leadership of Luis Parejo and who ended up giving up the baton in a last quarter that reaffirmed the good work of the home team in the final stretch (85- 78).

MVP: Andris Misters (Melilla Sport Capital) – 18 rating

Tizona University of Burgos vs ZTE Real Canoe (89-63) / Statistics

Tizona Burgos saves his first final with forcefulness

With all the alarms turned on and victory as the only possible result after their direct duel in El Plantío, the two bottoms of the group for permanence staged an entire emergency duel. A shock that was decided really early for the locals thanks to their solid start of the game with which to attack directly the mental plane of Madrid. Because, without Daniel Clark – down due to injury – and seeing a dozen goals from behind, José Rey’s men could do little when trying to stop a thrown rival. Because, while evin Bercy was the only offensive engine for the visitors, at the premises each and every one of the rotations contributed to progressively increase the differences. In this way, the match reached the last quarter seen for judgment and with the Burgos flying in a fast lap (89-63).

MVP: Kevin Bercy (ZTE Real Canoe) – 26 rating

Cáceres P. Humanidad vs Real Murcia Bto (74-68) / Statistics

The Multiusos smiles again at a worker Cáceres P. Humanidad

Valuable triumph that was harvested by Cáceres P. Humanidad against one of his direct rivals for the permanence in a night in which Roberto Blanco’s men were able to take an important step forward. A valuable clash at the level of results, but also of sensations since the team seemed to like each other at times to display their best game. Especially after the escanso, since Extremadura had to overcome the good start of the match for Murcia to begin to feel comfortable after passing through the dressing room where they were able to leave their rival in just 8 points scored. With that winning inertia, Cáceres P. Humanidad already had everything in hand to be able to add positively (74-68).

MVP: Roeland Schaftenaar (Cáceres PH) – 25 rating

Ibereólica Ourense vs ICG Força Lleida (88-77) / Statistics

The Ibereólica scores a great match

Paco Paz was the scene of a real great game. The ICG Força Lleida arrived at the last minute with an income of five points that could not make good before the push of the Galicians, who managed to force the extension. An extra time in which the Ibereólica Ourense knew how to impose its best physical condition to add a key victory in the fight for permanence.

MVP: Michael Carrera (ICG Força Lleida) / 25 valuation