Important triumphs for TAU Castelló and HLA Alicante on Friday night to regain confidence for a second phase in which the teams from Group B begin to sing with the support of their respective hobbies. On Saturday, Covirán Granada took an important step after beating Destino Palencia, while Liberbank Oviedo won by the minimum in Almansa. On Sunday the leader Río Breogán was entrusted to Kevin Larsen to finish off Palma Alma Mediterránea.

REPORTAGE: Opposing ambitions in a final phase with no margin for error

FORECASTS: 6/8 In La Quiniela de… Romaric Belemene (Leyma Coruña)

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HLA Alicante vs Leyma Coruña (86-60) / Statistics

The best version of HLA Alicante resurfaces in Ferrándiz

Deserved triumph for an HLA Alicante that was able to recover its best version on the Pedro Ferrándiz court to beat one of the most dangerous rivals in the fight for promotion. A clash in which the command of Justin Pitts provided the necessary confidence to his teammates to lay the first stones of a triumph that would solidify with the passage of minutes, but that had already been marked during the first quarter (21-17 ). It was, with the beginning of the second period, when HLA Alicante seemed to feel more comfortable through an outside game in which Allen and Urtasun’s points began to weigh on a Leyma Coruña who gave more ground than desired (46-30) . Leyma Coruña tried to react with the start of the second half, but the losses of the ball and the low percentages punished over and over again a team that simply did not have its day. Thus, Pedro Rivero’s team became strong in the last minutes to finish closing a valuable victory (86-60).

MVP: Álex Galán (HLA Alicante) – 24 rating

TAU Castelló vs Clínica Sur-Aspasia (87-79)
/ Statistics

The leadership of Edu Durán grants the first victory to TAU Castelló

Seeing the intensity with which the meeting had begun, the Sur Aspasia Clinic seemed that the night could be relatively comfortable for Hugo López’s team. This was predicted by the 7-17 partial during the first five minutes of the game against a TAU Castelló who found it difficult to contain the success of his rival. An inertia that began to change with the first time-out of Toni Ten to reorder the ideas of a team that did not take long to reconnect with the game through the entry into the court of Edu Durán (21-23). The locals were back and that was noticed with the start of a second quarter in which the direction of Joan Faner ended up containing the success of the Valladolid to finish equalizing the score (43-43). Although it was the external success of men like Durán or Alvarado that allowed TAU Castelló to break a match in which the locals put the direct victory (70-63). Thus, the people of Castellón were filled with confidence to face a final stretch in which a Sur-Aspasia RVB Clinic could do little to reverse their luck (87-79).

MVP: Edu Durán (TAU Castelló) – 23 rating

ZTE Real Canoe vs Melilla Sport Capital (70-79) / Statistics

Melilla Sport Capital delves into the wound of ZTE Real Canoe

Looking at the first minutes of the match, no one could have assured that the duel between ZTE Real Canoe and Melilla Sport Capital was a duel for permanence in the category. Because with a high pace of play and many points in the hands of their reference players, the clash had practically everything. Among the highlights, the scoring duel between a Chema Gil who scored one after another from the Madrid paint and an Andris Misters who came up from the perimeter of Melilla (20-29). An inertia that led to the first advantages for the visitors against a ZTE Real Canoe that did not lower his arms, but was not able to recover the disadvantage despite his superiority in the rebound (37-47). It was, with the beginning of the third quarter, when José Rey’s men were more effective, with more solid actions in defense and a success in attack that allowed the differences to be slightly reduced. Those of Alejandro Alcoba resisted the attacks and that allowed to contain the Madrilenians in a final section in which the success from 4.60 finished closing the match for those of the Autonomous City (70-79).

MVP: Andrid Misters (Melilla Sport Capital) – 39 valuation


Covirán Granada vs Destino Palencia (77-59) / Statistics

Covirán Granada breaks the match in the last quarter

The victory of the Andalusians was important, rising to third place in the standings, while the Castilians lost the thrust of victory against Tau Castelló on the first day of the second phase. The game was tremendously even during the first 30 minutes. A head-to-head fight between two teams with promotion aspirations. Thomas Bropleh took responsibility for the Grenadians, successful in the penetrations, while Nico Richotti gave the reply from the perimeter. In the last quarter, Pablo Pin’s men came in ahead (55-52) dominating the rebound, but a 19-4 run with Christian Díaz in a state of grace broke the game at the key moment (74-56). Arturo Álvarez had to ask for a time-out not only to save the victory but to not also lose the possible average

MVP: Thomas Bropleh (Covirán Granada) – 30 rating

CBAlmansa with Afanion vs Liberbank Oviedo (83-84) / Statistics

Alonso Meana is consecrated as a decisive player in Almansa

It is not enough for the La Mancha to enter the second phase in the Classification Group, which certifies their permanence. Rubén Perelló’s men entered this final stretch with a bad balance, in addition to falling at the Pisuerga Sports Center last week. But it will be a difficult team to win for any rival. This Saturday they dominated Liberbank Oviedo for most of the 40 minutes, but they did not know how to close the game against a team with more experience in the competition. With two minutes to go he was 6 up (81-75) but an unexpected hero appeared: Alonso Meana, who scored the last four points for his team, including two decisive free throws. Carles Bivià’s final triple did not enter and the victory went to Asturias, which equals his balance of victories and defeats (5-5).

MVP: Filip Djuran (CB Almansa Con Afanion) – 22 rating

Real Murcia Bto vs Ibereólic R. Ourense (81-69) / Statistics

Real Murcia escapes from the hot zone of the table

The Permanence Group will experience dramatic matches in the coming days and the two teams that measured forces in the Prince of Asturias hope to be out of danger. The locals had more urgencies and that was noticed in the meeting, with a Juan Rubio pulling the car in the first minutes. The game was still level, but Solarin, Robinson and Gavrilovic appeared to take advantage on the scoreboard. Ibereólica Ourensel left with a better balance and the Speight-Dimitrijevic duo pressed to arrive with a score even in the last minutes, something that did not happen due to the low shooting percentages of the Galicians.

MVP: Juan Rubio (Real Murcia Baloncesto) – 23 efficiency


Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs Río Breogán (74-76) / Statistics

Kevin Larsen comes to the rescue of the leader in Son Moix

The Río Breogán came out onto the Son Moix track with the confidence of the LEB Oro leader and the fittest team in the competition. He quickly took a 10-point lead (2-12) with Kacinas and Sollazzo in full swing. But the game was not, far from it, as easy as anticipated this beginning. The Spanish duo formed by Pol Figueras and Jacobo Díaz pulled the car in the first half, while Ronnie Harrell appeared in the last quarter. The American was inspired by both perimeter and penetrations, while the Balearic defense controlled Kevin Larsen relatively well. The locals were five up (70-65) with three and a half minutes to go, but the Danish pivot came to the rescue of the leader. Larsen scored 10 of his 21 points in the fourth quarter, including a 9-of-10 run on free throws in the final minutes.

MVP: Kevin Larsen (Río Breogán) – 32 ratings

Basketball Girona vs Tizona Univ. Burgos (93-73) / Statistics

Bàsquet Girona presents a candidacy for leadership

He reached this second phase with a good balance and after resting on the first day he has shown his authority in Fontajau against Tizona Universidad de Burgos, who had just beaten ZTE Real Canoe. And he did it after passing through the changing rooms, with a great third quarter in which the protagonist was Davis Rozitis, infallible with good balls near the basket. The Castilians, who had done a good job in the first half with the equal score led by Ayoze Alonso (16 points) lowered their arms seeing that victory was impossible. Bàsquet Girona adds its 7th victory of this second phase and consolidates its leadership.

MVP: Serigne Barro (Tizona Univ. Burgos) – 25 rating

J.9: ICG Força Lleida vs Cáceres Pat. Hum. (72-70) / Statistics

Carrera decides a match of contrasts

Catalans and Extremadura recovered the match on matchday 9, taking advantage of the fact that neither of them played matchday 11. And the clash was tremendously attractive and full of alternatives on the scoreboard. He started dominating the ICG Força Lleida with Michael Buchanan making himself big in the paint. Cáceres reacted with Raven Barber, although the Catalans reached the decisive moment ahead. A 0-7 run with a triple from 9 meters by Devin Schmidt made it 66-70 with a minute to go. The Catalans reacted and four points from Vecvagars put the tie with three seconds to go. He missed the free throw, but the rebound went to Michael Carrera who scored the basket that gave the victory very forced.

MVP: M Buchanan (ICG Força Lleida) and R Barber (Cáceres PH) – 22 valuation