It is being an exciting second phase. The best teams in the competition face each other one day and another against very powerful rivals. Tau Castelló came with the confidence of winning the leader, and found a Liberbank Oviedo in great shape. Destino Palencia won 15 days ago at Tau Castelló and has not been able to become strong at home against a good Palmer Mediterránea Palma. In the afternoon the Breogán River lost again, this time against a very serious HLA Alicante who won in Lugo without Pedro Llompart on the track.

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ASCENSO GROUP: Tau Castelló loses what they won on Wednesday in Pumarín

Liberbank Oviedo vs TAU Castelló 91-77 | Statistics

The Liberbank Oviedo announces its candidacy for all

It is possibly the fittest team in the category. Natxo Lezkano’s men have not lost since mid-February and came after two victories by the minimum in Alicante and Almansa. This Sunday, in Pumarín, they did not have too many problems to end the resistance of Tau Castelló, which had just beaten the leader at home. The key was in the first quarter, with spectacular minutes by Herve Kabasele and a 9-point lead that he managed to maintain until the end. Elijah Brown and Micah Speight did damage from the 6.75 line (6 triples between them) and Marc Norelia put the intensity necessary to maintain the difference. Tau Castelló was shooting quality with Adala Moto as the protagonist, but he could not close the gap. The victory puts the Asturians with a balance of 7-5 to a victory for the Castellón, who already has a +15 in the particular average.

MVP: Adala Moto (Tau Castelló): 22 valuation

Destino Palencia vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea 73-77 | Statistics

Palmer Alma Mediterránea returns to the path of triumph

In three days the Balearic Islands have managed to turn around a bad dynamic. Three defeats in this second phase, the last very overwhelming in Oviedo last Wednesday. But at the Municipal de Palencia the Palma Mediterránea Palma became a sober and efficient team. Tightening on defense and with Ronnie Harrel as the first offensive option, he was getting the first advantages on the scoreboard (8-15 min 8) after a basket by Pol Figueras. The locals reacted after passing through the changing rooms to get ahead until reaching a +7 (63-57 min 23) with Sean Smith in MVP plan, but the insular players had enough strength to get back in front. A triple by Jawara made it 70-75 with less than two minutes to go, decisive for the final victory

MVP: Sean Smith (Destination Palencia): 28 valuation

Leyma Coruña vs CB Amansa with Afanion 89-73 | Statistics

Leyma Coruña sentenced in a spectacular first half

20 minutes were enough for Sergio García’s men to ensure victory at the Palacio de los Deportes in A Coruña. 20 minutes of defensive intensity (they left the La Mancha at 27 points) and offensive success (they went to 48 before passing through the changing rooms). The Galician physical power was decisive with Lotanna Nwogbo perfectly settled in the offensive schemes of Leyma Coruña and crushing the rival hoop. After keeping the 20 points difference during the third quarter, CB Almansa Con Afanion took advantage of the physical slump of their rival to score more easily and narrow the final mark. A victory that puts the Galicians in the fight for the first places with a balance of 7-5 before visiting Castellón.

MVP: Lotanna nwogbo (Leyma Coruña): 30 valuation

Sur Aspasia Clinic vs Covirán Granada 86-87 | Statistics

Covirán Granada ends the perfect week

Third consecutive victory for Pablo Pin’s men in a perfect week in which they defeated Destino Palencia, Leyma Coruña and, this Sunday, Clínica Sur Aspasia in a brilliant match for both teams. The Andalusians struck first, led by Christian Díaz, who is reaching the end of the season in excellent shape. Manu Rodríguez put a triple on 6-17 (min 6) that showed the greater intensity with which Covirán Granada took to the track. The game was controlled, although the locals ‘rowed’ to cut distances. Sergio de la Fuente, Antoine Mason and Reed Timmer pressed in the last quarter to equalize the crash, although they did not finish the comeback (77-78). The Castilians missed a free kick in the last minutes and Lluis Costa scored the last four to certify the victory.

MVP: Christian Diaz (Covirán Granada): 22 valuation

Río Breogán vs HLA Alicante 82-85 | Statistics

The HLA Alicante takes down the leader and removes the upper zone

The spectacular second phase of the LEB Oro allows us to see exciting and high-quality matches every week like the one this Sunday at Pazo de Lugo. A brilliant match that started with a first quarter with both teams unleashed. After 10 minutes of play, the scoreboard showed a 29-32 that was the delight of the spectators. However, the coaches looked to up the defensive rhythm in the second quarter, although equality remained the predominant note. HLA Alicante had a very serious game, which was reminiscent of the final of the Princess Cup played in January. Of course, the result was different. And it was due to a steal of the ball by Chumi Ortega when Río Breogán was looking for Kevin Larsen in the painting. A victory of great merit, without Pedro Llompart on the court, but with a great game by Chemi Urtasun (20 points), Justin Pitts (17) and Noah Allen (17), who left the classification with six teams with two wins apart.

MVP: Kevin Larsen (Breogán River): 25 valuation

PERMANENCE GROUP: The great game for permanence, from the Autonomous City

Cáceres P. Humanidad vs ZTE Real Canoe 81-80 | Statistics

An end of madness for the victory of Extremadura

The Permanence Group has matches like those of this Sunday in the Multiusos de Cáceres: tense, balanced, with a lot at stake and quality touches to decide the balance of one of the sides. The Cáceres Patrimony of the Humanity and the ZTE Real Canoe did not play a great game, accumulating errors in the shot and losses on both sides. Raven Barbeer (26 points) and Kevin Bercy (25) supported their respective teams. The Madrilenians were superior in the first and third quarters; the locals won the second and the fourth… And when it seemed that they were going to win a triple by Miguel González from eight meters, he led the game in extra time. In extra time, Dani de la Rúa threw the team behind him, but Devin Schmidt (who had 2/11 on 3-pointers) threw the ball at the opponent’s back to score the decisive basket.

MVP: Kevin Bercy (ZTE Real Canoe): 28 rating

Melilla Sport Capital vs Basketball Girona 95-93 | Statistics

The duel of ‘gallitos’ is decided in the extension

They are two of the teams that, in principle, will fight for the playoff place awarded by the Permanence Group. And the party has not disappointed. Quality, many points and an equality that led the crash to extra time. The Catalans got off to a better start with Joan Busquets hitting the basket, but those from the Autonomous City flushed out the advantage in the second quarter with Kamba and Misters in command of the operations. In regulation time, after Busquets’ triple (83-83) Kamba missed the decisive shot. In extra time Wintering scored from the free kick on 95-93 but this time Sabat took a ball from Barral (who had scored the previous two he had thrown), but missed the triple that would have meant the victory of Bàsquet Girona.

MVP: Alec wintering (Melilla Basketball): 21 valuation

Tizona University of Burgos vs ICG Força Lleida 91-81 | Statistics

Local victory to close the day

The Tizona University of Burgos does not want to get off the hook before time and this Sunday they got a good victory against ICG Força Lleida. The key was a brilliant second quarter by the Castilians that ended with a 29-12 run and left the victory in focus before the break. The best Tizona players were Ryan Nicholas (20 points), Serigne Barro (16 + 9) and an Ayoze Alonso who does not shirk his responsibilities (19 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists). Third victory in the second phase for Lluis Riera’s team and second consecutive defeat for Aranzana’s team.

MVP: Ayoze Alonso (Tizona Univ. Burgos): 30 rating