The members of the Tizona University of Burgos breathe a little more relieved after their victory in El Plantío on Friday night, but above all, the components of a Cáceres P. Humanidad who did not give ICG Força Lleida an option to lie down as the new leader of the fight for permanence while waiting for the matches of their rivals. Two valuable results for a Friday night in which Destino Palencia could not add at home against CB Almansa in a key duel for the Playoffs.

FORECASTS: 1/5 in La Quiniela de … Mateo Díaz (Breogán River)

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Melilla Sport Capital vs Real Murcia (61-67) / Statistics

Gavrilovic makes Real Murcia breathe

The victory of Tizona Burgos fueled the fight for permanence in a LEB Oro that, already in its decisive phase, is truly precious. The echoes of that triumph reached the Autonomous City of Melilla, where with a few hours delay due to Real Murcia’s problems in displacement, Melilla Sport Capital and the Murcians played an important match for their immediate future. The match was presumed even, and that was until the break (31-33). Until then, the defenses prevailed over the attacks. Virtual tables between Alcoba and Monclova. It was in the third quarter when the visitors, driven by a great Gavrilovic (19 points and 5 rebounds at the end of the game) opened the gap with a good set (11-20). The local reaction attempt would fall short in the last period (19-14) and the victory traveled to Murcia.

MVP: Strahinya Gavrilovic (Real Murcia) – 21 ratings

Río Breogán vs TAU Castelló (77-75) / Statistics

Good management of the final stage drives the category leader.

It was by no means an easy match, but it was one of those capable of marking the future of its protagonists, not only for the victory, but also for the sensations. And these went to the side of a Breogán River that knew how to manage the final leg of the match better than its rival with its delivery in a final period to which TAU Castelló had arrived with +13 points ahead. Because those of Toni Ten had launched their ordeal in an almost perfect third quarter in which they had scored 28 points with which to surprise an opponent denied from the outside shot. A path that was not enough at the time of being able to stop the final inertia of a leader launched for the victory in the final minutes to complete a comeback with which to stay at the top of the table (77-75).

MVP: Mateo Díaz (Río Breogán) – 18 rating


Tizona University of Burgos vs Levitec Huesca (82-75) / Statistics

Ayoze Alonso stokes the flame of staying at Tizona Burgos

Ricardo Úriz was returning to the Tizona Burgos schemes after several games away from the courts due to injury and that was already a point in favor of a team aware of the importance that victory was going to have. Although if there was a player capable of assuming the necessary leadership when it came to being able to promote his own, that was an intractable Ayoze Alonso during the 33 minutes he was on the court and who was able to neutralize the good start of Levitec Huesca (15- 2. 3). Because his direction and his points were decisive throughout a second period of scoring growth to be able to reverse his luck on the brink of halftime (43-46). Although it was with the resumption that Lluis Riera’s men were able to star in their best minutes, with a good defensive job with which to put land in between (61-56). With this inertia and feeling the confidence that being able to play at home gives, the Burgos no longer had any problem closing a key victory when it came to fighting for permanence (82-75).

MVP: Ayoze Alonso (Tizona Burgos) – 44 rating

Cáceres P. Humanidad vs ICG Força Lleida (88-70) / Statistics

Extremaduran forcefulness to reverse the objective

Cáceres P. Humanidad breathes a little more relieved after a Friday night in which Roberto Blanco’s men have gone to bed, leaders of the Group for Permanence after a solid victory against ICG Força Lleida. Solid in terms of results, but especially in what was seen on the parquet where the green and black dominated from the beginning. With a serious first quarter first (16-14), before giving a great blow to the clash with 30 points in a sublime second act. At that point and with Devin Schmidt unleashed (46-31). With the game very expensive for their interests, Cáceres P. Humanidad only had to let himself be carried away by his winning inertia throughout a second half in which ICG Força Lleida could do little against a rival thrown for the victory to lie down leader (88-70).

MVP: Devin Schmidt (Cáceres P. Humanidad) – 33 evaluation

Destino Palencia vs CB Almansa with Afanion (62-72) / Statistics

CB Almansa’s coup for the Playoffs for promotion

Destino Palencia got a cross on a Friday night that he was marking in red on his calendar and that turned black before CB Almansa’s desire to win. Because Rubén Perelló’s men had reached Castilian territory ready to beat a direct rival in the fight for the playoffs as it could be seen from the first minute of the game. Because CB Almansa showed a good image in defense that allowed them to run and even risk in attack to take the first income (15-22). A small gap opened by the points of Jubril Adeoya and that gave way to an authentic pick and shovel job with which Rubén Perelló’s men were dominating the different aspects of the game. Thus, they managed to contain the efforts of a rival who longed for Nico Richotti from the perimeter and who could do little given his lack of success in attack (62-72).

MVP: Jubril Adeoya (CB Almansa Afanion) – 19 rating