Friday night of intense emotions in a LEB Gold League in which all its fronts will maintain interest until the last day. Especially in the fight for promotion where Leyma Coruña and TAU Castelló remain firm in their intentions of being able to achieve in the best possible way a Playoffs in which Destino Palencia will not be after reaping their fifth consecutive defeat in Castelló.

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ZTE Real Canoe vs Tizona University of Burgos (90-82) / Statistics

The Tizona Burgos sees their options of permanence in the bottom court being diluted

In one of the most important games of the season and in which much more than a victory was at stake, the Tizona University of Burgos has not been able to achieve a victory that would have paved its way to permanence. Because, on this occasion, bottom row player ZTE Real Canoe showed great ambition from the initial jump to be able to impose his style right from the first minutes of the game. A stellar Daniel Clark was in charge of this in the different statistical sections to put a clash on track that seemed to break during the second quarter with a great Madrid partial (33-19). But neither the rents, nor the magnificent direction of Dani de la Rúa prevented the Burgos from getting back into the game throughout the second half. Because his lack of exterior success was not an impediment to start a progressive comeback with which to reach 4 points of the rival in the last two minutes of the match. At that point and with the victory at stake, ZTE Real Canoe took all his pride to be able to put the direct towards a victory with which to reward much of the work done during the season (90-82).

MVP: Mus Barro (Tizona Burgos) – 28 rating

Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs Leyma Coruña (65-75)
/ Statistics

The Leyma Coruña prevails in hostile territory to settle in the second place

Valuable victory won by Leyma Coruña on a Friday night in which Sergio García’s men managed to prevail on one of the most complicated courts in the category. Because Son Moix was not an impediment for the Galician team to show its most fighter version throughout the first half with which to begin to make a difference. An inside game was responsible for this, which was able to compensate for the lack of success with work on the rebound to reach the break with a comfortable income (26-37). And it was precisely that difference that made it possible to contain throughout the second half the comeback attempts of a Palmer Mediterranean Soul in which Kullamae tried in every possible way. Although the differences in the scoreboard, the problems to dominate the rebound and the low shooting percentages did a lot of damage to a team that ended up succumbing as the minutes passed. The victory traveled to Riazor and, with it, Leyma Coruña settled in second place (65-75).

MVP: Jakstas Rolls – 20 rating

TAU Castelló vs Destino Palencia (87-76) / Statistics

The fifth consecutive defeat deprives Destino Palencia of the Playoffs for promotion

Destino Palencia had to win all the remaining matches to be able to reach the Playoffs for promotion, but the Palencia team had a cross again on their visit to the Ciutat de Castelló. A meeting to which those of Arturo Álvarez arrived ready to fight for victory against a TAU Castelló who knew how to save this ambition based on points. And it is that the high pace of play imposed by the locals did not take long to cause problems for his rival (27-23). The visiting team managed to react throughout the second quarter through the points of the always infallible Borovnjak and that allowed the Palencians to take the lead at halftime (41-44), but once again, the overwhelming third quarter of the locals, Spurred on by Tomas Pavelka, it was the definitive impulse to victory. Because, with the scoreboard against during the last minutes, Destino Palencia could do little and said goodbye with the defeat of any Playoff option for promotion (87-76).

MVP: Tomas Pavelka (TAU Castelló) – 22 rating

Levitec Huesca vs Melilla Sport Capital (81-70) / Statistics

An imperial Ramón Vila drives Levitec and complicates Melilla Sport Capital

The beginning of the third quarter. That was the key that led Levitec Huesca to conquer a valuable victory in their fiefdom and above all a direct rival like Melilla Sport Capital. Because the exit after passing through the changing rooms of Óscar Lata’s men was simply spectacular, with good defensive work and offensive generosity to break the equality that had prevailed throughout the entire first half (41-38). And much of the blame was a really decisive Ramón Vila under the hoops and who was able to intimidate the Autonomous City team with his game. In this way, the Huesca players entered the final stretch of the match full of confidence when it came to being able to certify a victory that gives oxygen for permanence and that complicates their rival (81-70).

MVP: Ramón Vila (Levitec Huesca) – 23 rating